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Why you need to change

Nothing is going to change in your life until you are ready to change yourself/Janesh Vaidya

How to calm down

When you come down to your heart you calm down your mind/Janesh Vaidya

Make your future better

When you make your present moment good the following moments will be better/Janesh Vaidya

What you need for your confidence

Trust is the material you need to stitch your outfit of confidence/Janesh Vaidya



The mental power of Ayurveda – Self-development through 4 levels of health After the lecture tour in 35 cities in Sweden this autumn Janesh Vaidya will be visiting Germany to give workshops in selected centers. According to 5000 year old Indian wisdom, you can achieve […]

Food from my village

Food from my village

Food from my village – The latest book by Janesh Vaidya. A plant based cookbook with more than 100 recipes from Vaidya’s home village in India – all adjusted to suit western cooking. Surprise your family and friends with favourite dishes from your travels (or from your […]

Stay balanced in the summer

If we know how to handle the fire element in our body during the warm season we can avoid the common health issues during the summer, especially if your dominating element is pitha. If the fire element in our body is out of balance we […]

True love

True love survives all obstacles regardless of how much you can give to the other person./Janesh Vaidya

Appetite for life

Passion is the mind’s hunger that creates the appetite for life./Janesh Vaidya

What makes a hero

Only the heroes will count the plus in every minus, find the crack in every obstacle and the ray of light in every dark wall in front./Janesh Vaidya

Whom you should be with

Listen to the voices that uplift your heart and spend time with the people who upgrade your life./Janesh Vaidya

By love – For love

Believe your birth were the result of love, and that your existence and departure will also be for love./Janesh Vaidya

How knowledge becomes wisdom

What you know in your brain is your knowledge – when you experience it in your heart it becomes your wisdom./Janesh Vaidya

The one to search for

Don’t search for someone to fill your inner emptiness; search for someone to share the love that floods your heart/Janesh Vaidya

Spring balance

During the spring season it is quite common to see health problems caused by an imbalance of kapha (the earth/water element) in the human body, such as for example continuous cold, cough, sinusitis, asthma, throat infection and accumulation of phlegm, nostril conjunction, slow digestion, obesity, […]

The first step to wellness

To stop complaining is the first step to your wellness/Janesh Vaidya

Communicating without words

Listening is communicating without words/Janesh Vaidya

Important to know about change

Change won’t happen in your life until you let it happen in your own mind/Janesh Vaidya

Best present

Being in the present is the best present to yourself/Janesh Vaidya

Where we waste our energy

Most energy we waste in life to hold on to the moments of happiness, without realizing that every moment is a bubble over the river of time./Janesh Vaidya

Your tears

Your tears are not just water; they have salt in them, to clean and heal the wounds inside/Janesh Vaidya

A day for you

There will be a day for you for sure, but instead of waiting for it to come to you, better you walk towards it/Janesh Vaidya

Don’t press to impress

Don’t press your life to impress others but yourself/Janesh Vaidya

The worst

What could be worse than letting your mind slip out from the present moment/Janesh Vaidya

A clear and peaceful mind

A clear and peaceful mind is like the clean and still water in a lake;  it is transparent like a clear glass, and at the same time like a mirror it reflects the sky above /Janesh Vaidya

Open your presents

Whether you open it or not, every moment passes with a present/Janesh Vaidya

Your attitude

Your attitude shapes your life/Janesh Vaidya

Body language

Your body is a language – speak with it/Janesh Vaidya