Why I wrote Ayurveda for your mind

Mind Anatomy

While conducting lectures about the human mind and its functions I often get queries from the audience whether there is any literature available for further studies. It might be contradictory to say, that was the same question I was asking myself for years. During my travels in different countries most of the literature I found about mind were either leading to religious point of views based on spiritual aspects or purely scientific explanations of psychiatry, both incapable to describe the eternal powers of human mind.

I have been keeping the thought for a long time making a study material for my students  about mind development but it is interesting to accept the truth that I couldn’t set up my own mind to put my experiences and research into words until I had finished my first book ’In the last rain’ in June 2009.

During the autumn of 2009 while touring with my workshops in the West of Europe Ann Paulson, one of the editors from Bonnier publications in Sweden, contacted me with an idea of writing a book about Ayurveda. My instant thought was why the readers need one more book in this subject when there is so much literature already available in the market. But when I started to search the bookstores I found that most of the books are mainly explaining the physical part of Ayurveda and ignoring or avoiding the mental part, which I consider the essence of the subject. That thought lead me to the choice of writing ‘Ayurveda for your mind’ as a second book, postponing my other work, including the following two books in the trilogy series of ‘In the last rain’.

The biggest challenge in making this book is to explain one of the most complicated subjects into simple, interesting reading without the tidiousness of the normal psychiatric definitions. The pre-production work of the book continued until the end of December 2009 just before I was heading back to India. Compared to my other books I invested much time in deciding the chapters for the index with a pedagogic approach to invest my reader’s time and focus into the most important information of the subject instead of simply throwing my knowledge and experience into several chapters. I spent the beginning of 2010 in India doing the final research about the subject from the sources of ancient Vedic scriptures. While doing my 2010 tour in Europe I started to invest my time into developing the index and the draft of the book was finished by the beginning of winter 2010.

Ayurveda for your mind (Ayurveda för ditt sinne) has been translated into Swedish an was published in Sweden in May this year (2011).
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Question for you: What would you want to read about in a book about Ayurveda?

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