From the depths of my memories

Backwater Kerala
“A small village in South India, near to the cost of the Arabian Sea, ornamented with backwaters and coconut trees. That is the only explanation I give to my friends when they ask about my homeland. I know it is much more than that in my mind. But how can I express all my emotions to my land in few words? How can I explain there is somebody waiting for me in the rain? How can I say, I am longing to experience the heaviest rain of the decades to meet my great love?” 

In the last rain starts here… from the depths of my memories, from the dry land before the monsoon rain pours down as the emotions of the past. And my story begins as the river, flowing from my heart as the time between my childhood and my present.

Did In the last rain bring up any of your childhood memories?

/Janesh Vaidya

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