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Voices from the audience
It was a fantastic lecture yesterday! I loved it! It made me happy, smiling and made my heart blossom. You are a true inspiration! Thank you for sharing your love, humor and knowledge! Beautiful! /Terese

Thank you very much for this evenings lecture, Art of Love. It was brilliant and inspiring. /Jonas

Thank you for yesterday! If at least 10 % of humanity would listen to your message the rest would just follow a good example! /Camilla

I want to thank you from my heart for a truly inspirational lecture yesterday. I experienced pure heart energy in action! It goes beyond words and thoughts, finds its way past the critical mind, and reaches my heart like a golden beam of warm light. I feel lighter, stronger, more playful. The child inside smiles and says “Yes, I remember this feeling; joy over life itself, joy over being in the flow of life.” /Jennifer

Thank you Janesh för yesterday. I’m still smiling, such an inspiration. /Helene

Thank you Janesh for you love and energy yesterday at your lecture “Art of love” /Angelica

I would like to thank you Janesh for the wonderful words you spread to all of us at your lecture “Art of Love” and by that showing us the way! My heart got warm and I felt your message was so right, so lovely,so sincere and so full of hope. /Christina

Thank you for a great lecture tonight!! It is a privilege to listen to you. The world needs more Janesh! /Anne-Li

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