Janesh Vaidya was born in a traditional family in Kerala, South India. In his early years he was inspired by his grandmother’s spiritual  and artistic views on life. He wrote many stories and poems as a teenager which he kept unpublished during the years. In 2009 he unveiled his first novel ’In the last rain’. As a writer, lecturer and columnist Janesh Vaidya is continuing to inspire people around the world on his journey.

Janesh VaidyaJanesh Vaidya141309_7959 copyJanesh Vaidya sold out lecture Testimonials
“Janesh Vaidya’s words come from his heart, going directly into our hearts. He  has a wonderful contact, both with his subject and with the audience. His ways are showing in a radiant way that he “walks his talk”. It’s honest, it’s pure,  it fills us with trust. In his lectures Janesh shares his knowledge with us and offer us tools to work with what we learned. As a lecturer Janesh Vaidya is spontaneous yet structured. Entertaining yet pedagogic.” /Pia (Teacher) & Calle (Coach – Swedish National Women -19 Soccer Team)

“What is so good with Janesh Vaidya’s lectures is that I get tools to work with. No “musts” or “have toos” but suggestions on how I can help myself to live my life fully. Days and weeks after, sentences from the lecture come to my mind and I can use them in my daily life. Apply them when I face a problem or negative thoughts. It feels very logical and natural. As if the words find their way to my mind and my heart and come to rest there.”/Marie (Swedish TV4)

“I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to Janesh Vaidya this past Sunday. I was hungry for his knowledge. Throughout the week I have been reflecting on the knowledge that I have learned.  I loved his talk because it was so profound yet so simple. Especially for a westerner like myself who tends to make things so complicated.” /Maria Pinski, United States