Lecture Tour 2018

Lecture Tour 2018

LIVE AS YOU DREAM – LECTURE TOUR SWEDEN 2018 Alla har vi en dröm, eller åtminstone hade vi en dröm, om hur vi vill leva våra liv. Men hur många av oss följer sin dröm? Hur många har glömt drömmen och lever med stress, oro och […]



WARM FENNEL SALAD WITH PINE NUTS AND CHILI LEMON DRESSING From Food from my village (Maten från min by) A salad extraordinaire. Fennel is rich in antioxidants and I love the combination of garlic, lemon and chilli in the dressing. 4-6 people 250 g fennel […]

Unique course with Janesh Vaidya

Unique course with Janesh Vaidya

April 2018  Topic of the course: FOUR LEVELS OF HEALTH DEVELOPMENT Type of course: Certification on completion Workshops conductor: Janesh Vaidya Place: Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village, Kerala, South India Total duration of the course: 2 or 4 weeks (basic course 2 weeks, advanced courses 4 weeks) Four Levels of […]

Understanding the people around you

Understanding the people around you

Understand other people involved in your life by knowing dominant/imbalanced elements. Try to learn the characteristics of the three elements (air, fire and earth) in ayurveda and its effects on different personalities of people. Considering your life is very much connected to the people around […]


The mental power of Ayurveda – Self-development through 4 levels of health After the lecture tour in 35 cities in Sweden this autumn Janesh Vaidya will be visiting Germany to give workshops in selected centers. According to 5000 year old Indian wisdom, you can achieve […]

Food from my village

Food from my village

Food from my village – The latest book by Janesh Vaidya. A plant based cookbook with more than 100 recipes from Vaidya’s home village in India – all adjusted to suit western cooking. Surprise your family and friends with favourite dishes from your travels (or from your […]

Stay balanced in the summer

If we know how to handle the fire element in our body during the warm season we can avoid the common health issues during the summer, especially if your dominating element is pitha. If the fire element in our body is out of balance we […]

Spring balance

During the spring season it is quite common to see health problems caused by an imbalance of kapha (the earth/water element) in the human body, such as for example continuous cold, cough, sinusitis, asthma, throat infection and accumulation of phlegm, nostril conjunction, slow digestion, obesity, […]

Energize your life!

Energize your life!

‘Energize your life’ – Lecture Tour Sweden 2017 Are you longing for a life changing event? This year Janesh Vaidya visits Sweden to give no less than 35 lectures in cities from Kiruna in the very north to Österlen in the nouth.  Janesh Vaidya’s 2017 lecture […]

Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village

Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village

Welcome to Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village at Dolphin Beach on the coastline of Arabian ocean in Alleppy district, Kerala, South India. The ayurveda health retreats let you experience authentic ayurveda treatments, medicinal diet and therapeutic lifestyle according to your body-mind constitution. Live on the coast of south India and experience […]

Article in German

Das Wesentliche, Vaidya, Ayurveda /Germany 2016

Win a two week retreat

One person at each lecture during the Autumn Lecture Tour will win a two weeks retreat to Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village. Book your ticket now for your chance to win. Four Levels of Health Development – a life changing lecture with Janesh Vaidya According to the […]

Autumn Lecture Tour Sweden

Four Levels of Health Development – a life changing lecture with Janesh Vaidya According to the 5000 year old Indian wisdom, to achieve maximum health in life, a human has to pass through four levels of development: Physical Mental Sensual Spiritual In a 2 hour […]

Interview Ananda Magazine

Interview with Janesh Vaidya in Ananda Magazine, Finland  

I Sofis Mode

Läs hela artikeln: Sofis mode

Linssoppa med saffran

Ur boken Maten är min medicin 4–6 personer 2 dl belugalinser 2 schalottenlökar 2 vitlöksklyftor 2 msk rapsolja 4 cm kanelstång 1 kuvert saffran (½ g) 20 kardemummakärnor ca 500 g mogna tomater 2 dl vatten 1 ½ tsk örtsalt 4 dl kokosmjölk ½ tsk […]

Provsmak från Maten är min medicin

Mustig grönsakslasagne 6 personer 2 schalottenlökar 400 g morötter 200 g aubergine 1 tsk svartpeppar 1 klick smör ca 700 g mogna tomater (8 dl tomatkross) 3 msk mixade soltorkade tomater 1 msk örtsalt 3 vitlöksklyftor 3 msk färsk hackad oregano 2 msk färsk hackad […]

Start the countdown

One month left! Janesh Vaidya’s lecture tour 2013 Sweden starts September 4th. More info and bookings: http://janeshvaidya.com/lectures/


See the interview with Hälsa TV. http://www.hälsa.se/Webb-TV/MatNaring/Janesh/

The ayurveda trend

… Programledaren Carina Berg har också upplevt ayurvedans läkande kraft. För några år sedan var hon småsjuk och orkeslös mest hela tiden, ”min kropp och jag drog inte jämnt”. Hennes Förkväll-kollega Kayo rekommenderade ett besök hos svensk-indiske ayurvedaläkaren Janesh Vaidya och Carina grep efter halmstrået. – Det […]

A good life means…


On air

Ayurvedaförfattaren Janesh Vaidya: “Äter du rätt kan du leva tills du blir 120 år”. Read more on Swedish radio P4.