Thought of the day

The one to search for

Don’t search for someone to fill your inner emptiness; search for someone to share the love that floods your heart/Janesh Vaidya

The first step to wellness

To stop complaining is the first step to your wellness/Janesh Vaidya

Communicating without words

Listening is communicating without words/Janesh Vaidya

Important to know about change

Change won’t happen in your life until you let it happen in your own mind/Janesh Vaidya

Best present

Being in the present is the best present to yourself/Janesh Vaidya

Where we waste our energy

Most energy we waste in life to hold on to the moments of happiness, without realizing that every moment is a bubble over the river of time./Janesh Vaidya

Your tears

Your tears are not just water; they have salt in them, to clean and heal the wounds inside/Janesh Vaidya

A day for you

There will be a day for you for sure, but instead of waiting for it to come to you, better you walk towards it/Janesh Vaidya

Don’t press to impress

Don’t press your life to impress others but yourself/Janesh Vaidya

The worst

What could be worse than letting your mind slip out from the present moment/Janesh Vaidya

A clear and peaceful mind

A clear and peaceful mind is like the clean and still water in a lake;  it is transparent like a clear glass, and at the same time like a mirror it reflects the sky above /Janesh Vaidya

Open your presents

Whether you open it or not, every moment passes with a present/Janesh Vaidya

Your attitude

Your attitude shapes your life/Janesh Vaidya

Body language

Your body is a language – speak with it/Janesh Vaidya

Be in the light

You can only watch the light by the light – be in the light/Janesh Vaidya

Your enemy

Your fear is your biggest enemy/Janesh Vaidya

Walk towards the light

When you walk towards the light your shadow of sorrow falls behind you/Janesh Vaidya

Your mission

Whether you know it or not, you are here on this planet for a mission/Janesh Vaidya

Let’s break the silence

Let’s break the silence by talking from our hearts/Janesh Vaidya

How you will be recognized

The world will recognize you by your actions, not by your thoughts/Janesh Vaidya

The main war

The main war is within and the fight is for love; peace will return the moment you become your good friend and start to love yourself/Janesh Vaidya

Live your dream

Live your life like no one dare to live but to dream/Janesh Vaidya


What you owe yourself is love, and only love/Janesh Vaidya

Actions speaks louder

Your good actions will be heard and privileged by your God, considering most of the prayers in the world are merely words/Janesh Vaidya

The best vacation

The best vacation starts and ends at one place, in your mind/Janesh Vaidya

Moving without restrictions

When you move over this earth without restrictions in your mind you can extend the poles of your boundaries outside./Janesh Vaidya

You are an energy

Believe you are an energy, your body and mind your two hands to serve you for a lifetime./Janesh Vaidya

No peace

Peace won’t be found in a mind where search exists/Janesh Vaidya