Thought of the day

Be in the light

You can only watch the light by the light – be in the light/Janesh Vaidya

Your enemy

Your fear is your biggest enemy/Janesh Vaidya

Walk towards the light

When you walk towards the light your shadow of sorrow falls behind you/Janesh Vaidya

Your mission

Whether you know it or not, you are here on this planet for a mission/Janesh Vaidya

Let’s break the silence

Let’s break the silence by talking from our hearts/Janesh Vaidya

How you will be recognized

The world will recognize you by your actions, not by your thoughts/Janesh Vaidya

The main war

The main war is within and the fight is for love; peace will return the moment you become your good friend and start to love yourself/Janesh Vaidya

Live your dream

Live your life like no one dare to live but to dream/Janesh Vaidya


What you owe yourself is love, and only love/Janesh Vaidya

Actions speaks louder

Your good actions will be heard and privileged by your God, considering most of the prayers in the world are merely words/Janesh Vaidya

The best vacation

The best vacation starts and ends at one place, in your mind/Janesh Vaidya

Moving without restrictions

When you move over this earth without restrictions in your mind you can extend the poles of your boundaries outside./Janesh Vaidya

You are an energy

Believe you are an energy, your body and mind your two hands to serve you for a lifetime./Janesh Vaidya

No peace

Peace won’t be found in a mind where search exists/Janesh Vaidya


A mis-take is when you miss to take a moment as it is into your mind/Janesh Vaidya


Your words go to your ears before entering others’/Janesh Vaidya

Your heart

Your heart is like a house and your feelings are the residents; if you love someone they live in the basement and if you hate they live in the attic/Janesh Vaidya

Do not search for peace

Don’t search for peace, search for your soul, which is part of this wholeness, the universe, which simply is peace, that you only find when you find your soul/Janesh Vaidya

All will change

Don’t trace your path with the clouds above, don’t mark your life with the pain behind, all will change in time/Janesh Vaidya

Success on the path of life

Success on the path of life simply means driving your mind into the state of peace by following the signs and signals on the roads/Janesh Vaidya

What the world counts

The world is incapable of counting your thoughts but your actions, not seeing your tears but your smiles/Janesh Vaidya

What is confusion

Confusion is the fusion of thoughts and feelings in mind deriving from your brain and the heart at the same time/Janesh Vaidya

Your health

Your health is a gift, and your duty is to maintain it with the right food and thoughts/Janesh Vaidya

True happiness

Until you live for your heart you won’t feel the true happiness in your mind/Janesh Vaidya

Thought of the day

Never save the best things for tomorrow/Janesh Vaidya

What we often forget

Every moment is a present in our life, but we often forget to open the packet and see the wonders inside. /Janesh Vaidya

Thought of the day

If you can’t solve a problem on time, let the time to solve the problem by itself/Janesh Vaidya

Good to not get an answer

If you don’t get an answer, you are free to make your own/Janesh Vaidya