Lectures 2018

Lectures 2018

Last year more than 4500 Swedes listened to Vaidya's lecture 'Energize your life' and this year, the lecture tour LIVE AS YOU DREAM will visit 40 Swedish cities from Åre to Ystad. Janesh Vaidya is sharing his traditional knowledge in an inspiring and humorous way, allowing listeners of all levels to take in this important lesson and gain an understanding of how it can be used in daily life. Janesh Vaidya's long experience in working with health and helping people find the joy in life makes LIVE AS YOU DREAM a lecture you only get to see once in a lifetime.

Live as you dream

Are you living the life you dream of living? If not, what's stopping you? What is stopping so many of us from living a happy, peaceful life?

Janesh Vaidya's lecture LIVE AS YOU DREAM answers the most important questions of life. The lecture covers topics like stress, anxiety and depression, and by investing two hours of your day to listen, you get the tools to get you through your life's difficulties.

All lectures 2 hours plus break.

Many lectures sold out fast last year so book in time.


Your chance to live your dream

The first 100 booked in each city have the chance to win a 2 week health retreat at Vaidya's Ayurveda Village in Kerala, India. Motivate why you want to win and tick that you accept information from the organizer to participate in the contest. The winner with the best motivation is presented on-site during the lecture day and the last day to compete is the city's lecture date (with reservation for sold out earlier). Any Swedish profit tax paid by the winner.

Voices from the audience
Voices from the audience

"I loved your lecture. Thank You for an Inspiring evening in Östersund yesterday where you really created Energy."

— Shalini Yamdagni Savander
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"Still energized after your visit in Skövde. Have had lots of WOW-moments."

— Inger Lövenberg
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"Two well invested hours. Thank you for a very inspiring and energizing lecture."

— Ulrika Larson
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"Janesh Vaidya impressed us with his clear and warm kind of explaining and talking about healthy and happy life. He keeps it simple and easy to understand."

— Maria Miller
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"Thank you so much for inspiring us Swedes."

— Ida Karolin
about Janesh Vaidya

"The workshop taught me how to live with passion, find what you are best at."

— Yvonne Lorentz
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"Janesh Vaidya explain the subject so clearly and simply, everybody can listen and learn. What a chance to meet the great author and practitioner in person."

— Yvonne J.P. Müller
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"A most interesting, inspiring and well presented evening."

— Deborah Smith
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"So much energy presented with warmth and humor. Thank you!"

— Anne Willander
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"The workshop of Janesh Vaidya about the knowledge of Ayurveda was very inspiring and eye-opening. Janesh uses such beautiful and vivid pictures to illustrate his wisdom. "

— Sabrina Gilberts
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"This workshop enhanced my health and in consequence also my life. It was like a wake-up call."

— Marion Merker
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"Thanks for a very inspiring and energizing lecture. WOW!"

— Maria Nilsson
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"Janesh Vaidya's 2 ½ hour workshop, without slides or script, was a single stream of exciting and illuminating connections. With each of his words, he created images that make his message crystal clear to his listener."

— Sandra Rams
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'
Tour schedule - Sweden

5/9 18.00 Åre

6/9 18.00 Östersund

7/9 18.00 Hudiksvall

8/9 18.00 Falun

10/9 18.00 Vaxholm

11/9 18.00 Enköping

12/9 18.30 Västerås

13/9 18.00 Örebro

15/9 15.00 Trollhättan

16/9 18.00 Kungsbacka

17/9 18.00 Alafors

19/9 18.00 Malmö

20/9 18.00 Svedala

22/9 18.00 Ystad

23/9 18.00 Hässleholm

24/9 18.00 Eslöv

25/9 18.00 Helsingborg



2/10 18.30 Göteborg

3/10 18.00 Uddevalla

4/10 18.00 Kungälv

5/10 18.00 Alingsås

7/10 18.00 Skärhamn, Tjörn

8/10 18.00 Smålandsstenar

11/10 18.00 Gävle

12/10 18.00 Bollnäs

15/10 18.00 Eksjö

16/10 18.00 Borås

17/10 18.00 Jönköping

18/10 18.00 Linköping

19/10 18.00 Växjö

20/10 18.00 Tingsryd

21/10 18.00 Älmhult

22/10 18.00 Kristianstad

24/10 18.00 Ronneby

25/10 18.00 Karlskrona

26/10 18.00 Kalmar

28/10 16.00 Visby, Gotland



1/11 18.00 Mariehamn, Åland

4/11 18.00 Eskilstuna

5/11 18.00 Katrineholm

7/11 18.00 Uppsala

8/11 18.00 Stockholm

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