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Thought of the day

Never save the best things for tomorrow/Janesh Vaidya

What we often forget

Every moment is a present in our life, but we often forget to open the packet and see the wonders inside. /Janesh Vaidya

Thought of the day

If you can’t solve a problem on time, let the time to solve the problem by itself/Janesh Vaidya

Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village

Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village

Welcome to Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village at Dolphin Beach on the coastline of Arabian ocean in Alleppy district, Kerala, South India. The ayurveda health retreats let you experience authentic ayurveda treatments, medicinal diet and therapeutic lifestyle according to your body-mind constitution. Live on the coast of south India and experience […]

Good to not get an answer

If you don’t get an answer, you are free to make your own/Janesh Vaidya

How to make a day meaningful

Your day will be meaningful if you can help at least one life before sunset/Janesh Vaidya

Why we seek lies

Truth exists, what we seek are the lies to justify our comfortable lives/Janesh Vaidya

The reason why you shouldn’t be perfect

You came to an imperfect world and you will return with an imperfect life; then why you are trying to be perfect in between?/Janesh Vaidya

How to save many lives

May be you can’t create a life, but you can save many by practicing ahimsa, non-violence, in your mind/Janesh Vaidya

What strong people pray

Strong minds never pray for an easy life, but for the strength to overcome the difficult situations./Janesh Vaidya

Secret of a stress free mind

When you accept your imperfection you start to feel perfection in life, which is the secret of a stress free mind/Janesh Vaidya

For many, it never happens

Life is an impression, for a few people it happens in every passing moment; for some it takes an entire life; and for many it never happens/Janesh Vaidya

Voice and words

A beautiful voice can only be heard from a delicate heart and powerful words from a dynamic mind/Janesh Vaidya

The door to wonderful experiences

Wonderful experiences happen in life outside our comfort zone and an open mind is the door towards them./Janesh Vaidya


Fashion is confusion from the past that starts from one and is followed by others/Janesh Vaidya

A wonderful relationship

In a relationship, don’t hesitate to share your weakness while supporting each other with your strength./Janesh Vaidya

Have a great day

If you begin your morning with a single good thought you can change the rest of your day./Janesh Vaidya

How you will be treated

You will be treated in this world the way you treat the nature and the animals/Janesh Vaidya

Nothing can hurt you

Nothing can hurt you but your own thoughts, and that is purely your choice/Janesh Vaidya

Balance is

Balance is a state of mind where everything rests besides peace/Janesh Vaidya

Thought of the day

Whatever you own in this world you are not only the boss over but also the slave of./Janesh Vaidya

How to measure strenght

A person’s real strength will be shown when lifting someone, not pressing somebody down/Janesh Vaidya

Past present future

Every past had a present once and every present had a future in the past/Janesh Vaidya

How to be rich

If you are rich it is not because of your money but what you have at the moment that can’t be purchased/Janesh Vaidya

Reasons for excuses

The one who wants to make things happen always thinks about the ways and the one who doesn’t thinks about excuses/ Janesh Vaidya

What holds your life back

Uncertainty holds the life back/Janesh Vaidya

Give a life

Saving a life is equal to giving a life./Janesh Vaidya

How to build good memories

When you fill your present moments with beauty it stays as lovely memories in life./Janesh Vaidya