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This gray afternoon I dream back to the warm and loving village, where every second was a pleasure for body and soul. Where conscious presence became a natural state to be in, because there was so much time and space to only be human in all simplicity. With all the senses awake and curious, with emotions that were allowed to came up to the surface. Always someone who saw me – met my gaze with a smile. Words were superfluous. The people who work at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village are amazing. Everything they do is with genuine love and care. Attentive actions that change people’s lives.

Getting a plate served with food, which not only tastes delicious, but also has so many positive health effects for just who I am, five times daily. And being put down in front of me on the table with reverence, as something really valuable. There is a thought behind what is served, and it is cooked with love and respect for what nature has to give.

Today, I remind myself to experience with all the senses as I sit down at the table. Look, smell, feel, taste. Be here and now. And with that awareness, gratitude also grows for everything I have access to in my life. Just imagine, being able to serve yourself a delicious meal, just picking from goods that are in the fridge and pantry. To eat well, and be able to rest for a while after eating. Choose what I want to eat for the day, which I feel good about. Be able to vary, try it out. Never starve, or go hungry for any length of time. Isn`t that something to be deeply grateful about? With deep gratitude for all you beautiful souls at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village, who give us, as guests in your village, the opportunity to come closer to ourselves. For your loving presence and your good will. Today I enjoy my plate of food and think of you. Lots of Love! /Frida Malmquist, Sweden

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