Ahimsa – change your life

We have seen the power of ahimsa through the life of great souls like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa. But the term ahimsa not only stands against killing or blood shedding, but also against harming others or even yourself with a thought or a word or an action.

Observe your thoughts and actions and see whether its direct or indirect effects create any harm on people or any other living things in your world. Also ask yourself whether your thoughts are harming your own mind. In the situations when you understand that your thoughts or actions are himsa (violence) to others or to yourself, these are the areas in which you need to practice ahimsa by working on your mind.

Let me give you a few example of how you can start practising Ahimsa in your daily life.

  1. Ahimsa in chinta
    • Avoid chinta (thoughts) about bad qualities of other people and moreover of yourself. You can analyse your thoughts and try to avoid the negativity that cause harm in your mind and others. Always remind yourself that when you are being critical or judgmental on situations and people or even yourself, you are in violence with your chinta, your thoughts.
    • Make a practice to think about a good quality of a person every time he comes into your mind. When you practice this non- violence in your mind, you can even see the good qualities in your opponents.
    • Remember that a good feeling is the best healing for your mind. The practice of ahimsa in chinta is the best way to generate good thoughts and feelings in your world inside and outside. When you think positive about even your opponent, you are actually creating a beautiful mind with the light of pleasant energies.
  1. Ahimsa in bhojana
    • Eat food (bhojana) as your medicine for your body, mind and the karma of your soul. Whether it is a bird, or a fish or an animal, consider the fact that for whatever the reason, taking away a life from this world is considered as the most immoral activity in this life.
  1. Ahimsa in kriyamana karma
    • Be aware of your harmful speech, actions and reactions in life. Considering our words, actions and reactions are the inner reflections of our mind, when we harm someone outside, we are actually destroying our own life.

Start your ahimsa practise today and let me know about the changes you experience in your daily life. For more inspiration and news about coming lectures and courses you are welcome to sign up to my newsletter in the bottom of the home page of the website.

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