Ayurveda & ageing

By Janesh Vaidya

I receive many questions from people worrying about aging and I would like to share some thoughts with you regarding this matter.

 In our modern world we are mainly focusing on our physical appearance rather than our mind development. This creates imbalances while we move between momentarily happiness and frustration in our life. In this article I challenge this concept and give options based on the vedic views on life so that you can continue to grow with your age, rather than age with your growth.

Setting our health profile

Trying to improve our health only through the physical body is like walking up a high hill not thinking about the downhill ahead. If we blindly believe that our health profile is based only on the Strength, Flexibility and Balance of our body we feel anxious in each moment when we start to walk down the hill as the second part of our life circle. But if we set our health profile to the S.F.B of our mind we can instead grow with our age without worrying about the downhill. The S.F.B of our mind increases with our years and stays with us as a guardian in all situations in life.

The biggest challenge

One of the biggest challenges you are going to face while developing your mind might be your present life situations. I often notice that many people continuously blame the situation or the people in their personal and professional life as the major obstacle for their mind development. Most of them think that their partner or their friends or colleagues are making their life difficult and standing as a barrier in their mind development practices. But I say, if you have a difficult life situation right now, then this is the best time to practice your mind exercises.

The best time

Without being in the sea with powerful waves you can’t learn surfing. If you never face the challenges of life, you will never find the abilities of your mind. Every struggle in life is an examination. When we stand in the middle of a problem first of all it is good to remind ourselves that most of the people we know also have problems. If it is a prince or beggar, priest or rebel, young or old, nobody is free from the problems of their life. The only difference is how we face a problem, which reveals our personality.

What is personality?

In the society most often personality simply means a person’s appearance, including his way of speech, style of outfits, his social behavior etc. And yes, that might be enough to live on the surface since our scientific world can only gauge a person and his personality with the help of five senses. But according to the ancient Vedic scriptures personality is much more – it is a person’s ability to handle different situations in life. If you develop your personality you will start to see everything beyond the surface, see the deepest emotions of the people rather than the big smiles or scowls on their faces.

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