How to make 2018 a wonderful year

One more year is vanishing away with the light and warmth of the nature. Yet the trees are not regretting the separation of their colorful leaves fallen in the cold wind of autumn. When you look into the rise of another year, what feelings are awakening in your mind? Like the trees in the winter, can you also forget your falls in the past year and look into this New Year with the light of hope and peace in your mind?

As the earth is fertilized by the fallen leaves and nourishes the trees, you can nurture the soil of your mind with past mistakes and look at them as experiences in your life rather than regrets. It is good to remember that we are carrying in our minds both the seeds of pleasant memories and the weeds of miserable feelings from the past. Now when you start a New Year, it is your choice to either sow the seeds or let the weeds grow on the soil of your mind, according to what you want to harvest this spring, in your garden, your life.

During the coming days I will be sharing tools on how You can make 2018 a wonderful year in all areas in life. Welcome back to the website or stay tuned on facebook and instagram for updates.

With peace
/Janesh Vaidya

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