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Summer balance

If we know how to handle the fire element in our body during the warm season we can avoid the common health issues during the summer, especially if your dominating element is pitta. If the fire element in our body is out of balance we can get problems with our digestion, skin and hair related…

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Läkt av naturen

På den vänstra bilden var jag 36 år gammal och åt värktabletter till frukost. På den högra var jag 40 år, och för första gången i mitt vuxna liv hade jag upplevt hur det är att vara i balans.

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A pain free life

  ”Sometimes our guests knock us out and talk straight to our hearts. This is Maria Lindqvist. 12 years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer and has lived with severe pain for many years. After visiting our retreat and changing her lifestyle, she is now able to live without pain and with a spark of…

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