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Summer balance

If we know how to handle the fire element in our body during the warm season we can avoid the common health issues during the summer, especially if your dominating element is pitta. If the fire element in our body is out of balance we can get problems with our digestion, skin and hair related…

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Janesh Vaidya nature

Ahimsa – förändra ditt liv

Vi har sett kraften i ahimsa genom storheter som Mahatma Gandhi och Moder Theresa. Men termen ahimsa står inte enbart för att inte döda eller orsaka blodsutgjutelse.

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Ayurveda & ageing

By Janesh Vaidya I receive many questions from people worrying about aging and I would like to share some thoughts with you regarding this matter.

 In our modern world we are mainly focusing on our physical appearance rather than our mind development. This creates imbalances while we move between momentarily happiness and frustration in our life. In this article…

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