There is no poison

There is no poison

By Janesh Vaidya

As my grandma once said, there is no poison in the nature. Our mother nature produces only medicine but the way we use it make the difference in its effect in our body. So the most important education we need to gain is about the healing properties of everything in the nature and the effects and side effects when we use it in a right way or wrong way in our daily life. And the best source to study about the nature outside as well as our nature inside is Ayurveda. I am sure that this ancient wisdom will help us to find the ultimate solution for our root problems and thus to be able to lead a healthier and happier life on this planet.

This year you can listen to my ancestors wisdom in a few countries in Europe and the next month onwards I will be lecturing in fifty cities in Sweden with my latest topic – The Power of Ayurveda in your life. To find your nearest city and dates, and reserve your seat click here.

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