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About the test

What is the difference between this ayurveda test and others?
Vaidya’s traditional health test is different from other self tests because here you are not just checking your birth-dominating element, but the PDE (Present Dominating Element) in your body-mind system, which may vary from the dominating element you were born with.

How can this test help me if I am in perfect health?
Through the test, if you find out that you don’t have any imbalance in your body and mind, which means that you don’t have any symptoms or diseases at present, you can confirm that your PDE is your birth dominating element. In that case the test results will lead you to the recommendations for your birth dominant element to preserve your present health.

What can this test do for me if I have a symptom or disease at present?
If you already have symptoms or diseases your PDE (Present Dominating Element) may not be your birth dominant element. In that case the test results will lead you to the recommendations to balance your PDE regardless of what your birth dominant element is.

Once your health has reached a state of balance, which means once your body and mind are free from symptoms/diseases, you may do the test again and find your PDE at that moment, which is your birth dominant element.

What do I need to focus on after the test?
At the end of this test you will get to know your PDE and the ayurveda recommendations, such as food, lifestyle and mind development programs for your present health condition. According to Vaidya’s traditional method you always need to follow the ayurveda recommendations to balance your PDE to achieve your maximum good health.

How do I get my best result in this test?
For each question choose the right answers thoughtfully and honestly. If you find two answers matching with the same question choose the most appropriate one among them. And if you are still confused about a question, ask to your close friend, considering the fact that your best friend is your true mirror.

If you are doing the health test on your mobile phone, make sure you turn the phone sideways to read the lines properly!

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