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Ayur-veda means life-wisdom, which is essential to maintain a rich life on earth. According to ayurveda the richness of your life is not measured on the basis of material possessions and the wealth accumulated during a lifetime, but your life energy that promotes physical health and mental happiness in your life.

A rich life will automatically be tuned with the nature and constantly cleanse, heal and prevent the body and mind from disease, which in turn helps to maintain a healthy and complete life. Since ayurveda is the natural practice of life, everything we do against the nature is considered as unhealthy living. Unfortunately our modern society is growing away from the natural practices, which is the main cause of our increasing health problems.

Observing the nature we can see that apart from humans all other creatures are following a natural life by living with the nature and seasons in a harmony. They eat, move, sleep, relax and make love according to their natural instinct, while we humans are doing everything by the external force of our modern life system, which causes major health issues in our body and mind.

In our modern life we compromise most of our natural health practices. We adapt fast food cultures and design stressful life environments. Our modern lifestyle’s comforts and facilities restrict the movements of our muscles and joints and gives wrong postures to our spine and shoulders, which makes us crippled even in our youthful times. We compromise our personal development and essential sleep with work and nightlife, and we seldom listen to our heart and spend quality time with our beloveds. And still we call all these changes in our modern life as the developed phase of the human race.

Basic principles

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of natural and holistic medicine, which has more than 5000 years of history in its research and studies. Ayurveda provides us with the knowledge of how to prevent disease and how to eliminate its root cause if it does occur.

The five fundamental elements in ayurveda are: earth, water, fire, ether and air which control the energies in the body-mind system. In the terminology of ayurveda these five elements’ influence in our body-mind system is categorised into three forces of nature: Kapha (earth-water), Pitta (fire-water) and Vata (air-ether).

According to ayurveda everything in the universe is a combination of these five elements and recycles with the three forces; kapha generates, pitta maintains and vata decomposes a body through the life cycle.

Seasons of life

As the nature outside, in a natural lifecycle a human body also passes through four seasons: Spring (childhood), summer (youth), autumn (mid-age) and winter (old-age).

The first 30 years of a human are considered as the growing stage – the childhood period in ayurveda, which is influenced by kapha, the earth-water elements. From 30 to 60 years is the youth of a person, influenced by pitta, the fire-water elements. From 60 to 90 is considered as the mid age and which has the influence of both pitta in the beginning and more vata, the air-ether elements, at the end. 90 year onwards vata takes over for the rest of the life.

The actual life span of a human is considered as 120 years in the state of balance in the elements. We can see many people who lived over 120 years in different parts of the world.

Finding the root cause

The main reason to why ayurveda has survived through the centuries and still stands in the middle of our modern civilization is its holistic approach to health.

This natural health science takes care of our physical, mental and spiritual development during all ages and aspects of our life and helps us to find the root cause of the symptom. For instance, if there is pain, whether it is migraine or a stomach pain, instead of temporarily switching off the signals with pills, ayurveda considers the pain as a signal of the body and focuses on finding the root cause of the problem.

For instance if a person has migraine; even though it is a physical symptom, the root cause might be a stressful work situation. Or if a person holds a deep sadness in the mind for long period of time, that can eventually cause cell changes in the body. From these examples we can understand that body and mind is interrelated and a problem in the mind can affect the functions of the body systems and vice versa.

Imbalance (vikruti)

When the fundamental elements in our body-mind system are in a state of balance all our systems, such as circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, endocrine, lymphatic, nervous, reproductive, skeletal and muscular, will function with ease, which in ayurveda is considered as a sign of perfect health. But through the wrong food or lifestyle or mental practice, if any of these elements get out of balance, that is considered as dosha in the terminology of ayurveda.

In a state of imbalance in one’s health, one or two or even three forces (K/P/V) of nature can aggravate and show signals through body/mind dysfunction. Neglecting these signals for a period of time leads to symptoms, and in the later stage becomes diseases in the corresponding organs and systems. The signals can be shown through the dysfunction of either the body or the mind, or even both.

If we carefully listen to the signals from our body/mind we can find out which elements are out of balance in our system. For instance, if we are not eating the right food for our body type our digestive system shows the signals, which varies according to the aggravation of the elements, like indigestion (kapha imbalance) or acid reflux (pitta imbalance) or bloating with gases (vata imbalance). Or if we have an imbalance in the elements in our mental body it shows as depression (kapha imbalance) or high stress (pitta imbalance) or anxiety (vata imbalance).

If we don’t listen to the signals on time and don’t take care our health with the natural practices of ayurveda it can lead to symptoms and diseases in the later stages. For example, while depression in long term can cause cell changes and under function of organs in the body, heavy stress can lead to migraine and inflammation in the muscles, and anxiety can create coldness and weakness in the joints.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether I have an imbalance in my body or mind?
When you notice a sign of uneasiness from your body or mind, consider it as an imbalance in the system, a signal, indicating that there is something not correct in your health. Try to not to avoid the initial stage of these signals and take well care of it on time, before it becomes a symptom and develops into a disease.

What shall I do to balance my imbalance? Is there any quick fix in ayurveda?
Just imagine, if you have a fire in your house, and the fire alarm is ringing, will you switch off the alarm or will you put off the fire? We all know the answer, but what are we doing in our modern society? We try to quick-fix our health problems with easy solutions and pills.

Remember the fact that whether it is high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels or other symptoms, there are many easy and quick solutions available in the modern world to temporally switch off the signals. By only depending on pills to shut off these signals one will never be able to find the root cause and solve the issue. Every symptom is a signal and we shouldn’t switch off these indications from our body and mind with pills or temporary easy solutions.

We all know that most of the pills not only effect our imbalanced organs, but also have side-effects, which will eventually cause damages in the connected organs in the systems. Treating a symptom only with pills can lead to the dysfunction of other organs or even cause the whole system to partially or completely shut off, and end up with a disease.

Is traditional ayurveda against the modern medical system?
Certainly not. In our modern world we have adapted a fast food and lifestyle, which subsequently leads to a fast death. And because of our unhealthy food habits and unnatural life style, we need fast solutions to fix the problems too.

For example, if someone got an accident and fighting between his life and death, we need to bring him to the modern hospital and get help from the modern doctors to save his life. Or if one lead an unnatural life and didn’t listen to the signals and symptoms from his body/mind, and finally ended up with a life threatening disease like heart attack, and if surgery is the only solution to save his life, we need to help that person with our modern doctors and modern medical support.

Can ayurveda help any health condition?
Mainly there are four types of health conditions and the use of ayurveda care for each, as follows:

1. Perfect health:

If your health is perfect at the moment, which means if you don’t have any imbalance in your body/mind systems, you can practice ayurveda disciplines as a preventive method not to get any disease in the coming years.

2. Starting to get signals from the organs:

If you start to see the signals from your body/mind systems, you can work on it with the ayurveda disciplines and within a few weeks you can balance your elements and get back into the state of your perfect health.

3.Suffering with symptoms like dysfunction of systems:

If you are already suffering with a symptom, and is under treatments with a modern doctor, start ayurveda disciplines as a complimentary practice in your life and see the step-by-step improvements in your health. According to the scale of progress in your health cut down the pills with a mutual discussion with your physician.

4.Health is in risk by a life threatening disease:

If your life is in risk with a severe disease at the moment, practice ayurveda disciplines as a complimentary method to reduce the side-effects of other treatments, (like for example chemo-therapy, which the modern doctors might need to apply in body cells to save a life, even though it is harmful for healthy cells). In these kinds of situations ayurveda can help a patient to support the body/mind systems to cleanse and rejuvenate with the care of mother nature.

What help can I get to balance my imbalance with traditional ayurveda?
In traditional ayurveda the practitioner is focusing on finding and treating the root cause of the imbalances rather than shutting down the signals with any kind of pills. And according to this ancient wisdom there is no pills to quick fix an imbalance, but only to keep a discipline in life with the three natural practices - such as, right food, healthy lifestyle and positive thoughts.

Though normally imbalance starts with your birth dominating element, if you are not taking care of it on time, it can also effect your other elements and eventually cause out of balance in more than one element at a time.

What shall I do if I have out of balance in more than one element?
If you realize that you have imbalance in more than one element, you should find out the most aggravated element in your body at the moment by a PDE (Presently Dominating Elements) test and follow the ayurveda recommendations to balance your PDE regardless of what your birth dominating element is.

How do I find my birth dominating elements?
At present if you don’t have any symptoms or diseases in your body and mind, you can come to the conclusion that you don’t have an out of balance in any of the five elements in your body-mind system, which means you are in a natural state of your perfect health. In that state your PDE (Present Dominating Elements) is your birth dominating elements and you simply need to follow the recommendation for your birth dominating elements to maintain your better health to prevent from getting any imbalance and the symptoms in the future.

How do I find my PDE (Presently Dominating Elements)?
You can do it yourself with a PDE test in this site or meet an ayurveda expert in your reach. The test below may take around 10 minutes, but can add at least 10 years to your life, if you follow the recommendations for your better health.

Three natural practices







This unique health test by Janesh Vaidya will help you to find your PDE (present dominating elements) in your body and mind systems. The test result will lead you to the answers for your queries regarding your physical and mental health issues.

Vaidya's health test

This unique health test by Janesh Vaidya will help you to find your PDE (present dominating elements) in your body and mind systems. The test result will lead you to the answers for your queries regarding your physical and mental health issues.

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