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During the stay at Vaidya's Ayurveda Village, every guest gets the guidance to practice Ayurveda lifestyle through the right food, right exercise (yoga and meditation) and right relaxation programs for the body and mind according to the PDE (Presently Dominating Element). After a diagnosing session with the chief physician the treatments, yoga and diet is designed for each individual and monitored daily.

Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village is situated at the coast of the Arabian ocean in Alleppy district, Kerala, South India. The local people here on the coast are mainly fishermen using wooden boats for their living. Though a few tourists have started to find this area during the last few years it is still out of the sight from the international tourist maps. Hopefully for a few more years it will stay as the virgin village.

Guest comments

"Coming back to Vaidya's Village is like coming home. The smiling faces of the staff, the sound of the waves breaking against the shore and the laughter and delicious smells from the kitchen. What I have appreciated the most with my stays at the village is the opportunity to reflect over what really is important in life, to listen to my inner voice and to find peace of mind. Thanks to the personal yoga program, the food adapted to my needs and the daily treatments the body is also cleansed and strengthened. Every time I leave i feel like a new and better person, and the feeling stays with me for a long time afterwards."

Erika Ahlqvist
about Vaidya's Ayurveda Village

"My time at Vaidya's Ayurveda Village was overwhelming, I learned as much that I will always carry with me. The best part was that everything was so thoughtful and I felt so safe in this. My stay with you has helped me find myself again. I'm incredibly grateful for that. I must also mention the food that was so amazing -every meal was a party!"

Christel Klasson
about Vaidya's Ayurveda Village

"My stay at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village was a wonderful experience. It gave me so much in terms of self-awakening and health. The staff is absolutely amazing – very kind and truly genuin. I´ve never felt so seen and heard as a human beeing before. It´s wonderful to surround yourself with like-minded, in beautiful surroundings, an ocean with dolphins, silence, treatments, yoga and healing food. The retreat was a mental roller coaster for me (time with yourself can create that) - but the wonderful thing is that I also had time to process it! And I left India as a much more grounded and secure version of myself."

Sanne Lövgren
about Vaidya's Ayurveda Village

"I was lost but found myself at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village thanks to all the beautiful people that work there. My three weeks stay lifted my soul and warmed my heart."

— Erica Andersson
about Vaidya's Ayurveda Village

"I’ve been to the retreat twice. I love it! It’s simple but luxurious. Love the kind smiling people who take care of us. So much love! The healthy food. The weather! The whole experience is so good both mentally and physically. It’s like rolling up a curtain to clear your mind. I feel light, sparkly and happy! I bring the relaxed feeling back home to Sweden. Look forward to my next visit!"

— Malin Olrud
about Vaidya's Ayurveda Village

"I have got a new way of living, the Ayurveda way. I loved the treatment with oil massage and the yoga was a new experience and have helped me a lot. The food was excellent and the cooking classes where great. I had a wonderful stay at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village."

— Leif Klasson
about Vaidya's Ayurveda Village

"It was wonderful being so close to the ocean and to fall asleep every night to the sound of the waves. Watching the sun rise while doing yoga on the roof every morning, and watching it set over the ocean while having dinner."

— Marianne Lindgren
about Vaidya's Ayurveda Village

"I had a great time at Vaidya's Ayurveda Village. The staff was very kind and interested in my well-being. It felt more like being with friends then just being a client at a hotel. I appreciated that the retreat itself only occupies 14 guest, so there is an intimate atmosphere and you get to know the other guests easily. The Ayurveda food was incredibly delicious and diverse; I enjoyed to taste new Indian flavours. Moreover, the four-hand massages every day really helped me to calm down and to relax body and mind. The daily visits with the doctor gave me a good feeling, as a professional was monitoring the improvement of my blood sugar due to the healthy diet. The yoga classes each day helped me to feel really comfortable in my body and I learned about meditation. I can really recommend a stay at Vaidya´s Ayurveda Village."

— Yvonne Lorenz
about Vaidya's Ayurveda Village

"As I stayed at the village I enjoyed the calm and friendly atmosphere. The humid and embracing warm climate. The waterfront. Beautiful sunsets and rise. Dolphins. Birds. The green surroundings. The very nice and caring therapists. The clean and cool room. The other guest's company. The professional staff. I continue to improve my health through my specific yoga and medical food - I have made it Swedish."

— Ulrika Eriksson
about Vaidya's Ayurveda Village

"My visit at Vaidya's Ayurveda Village was the best journey I have done, so much love from all the staff. My inner stress disappeared, I feel so calm in my body. My high blood pressure become normal after the treatment program. Wow! I am very happy about that, that you can affect the blood pressure with ayurvedic treatments. Whith love I can recommend you to vist Vaidyas Ayurveda Village."

— Merja Axelsson
about Vaidya's Ayurveda Village
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7 reasons...

...that makes your stay at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village different from other ayurveda centres in India

  • Location

    The retreat is situated in the middle of a local village at the coast of Arabian ocean which is not touristy.

  • Personal care

    We only take maximum of 14 guests at a time, which gives us time to take personal care of each guest.

  • Tailor-made programs

    There are no ready-made treatment programs like ‘panchakarma’ in Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village. Each guest’s treatments, oils and herbs are designed according to their present health condition after the first consultation with the chief physician.

  • Individual yoga

    There are no general yoga styles/practice at our retreat. Each guest’s yoga program will be designed according to their body-mind condition, which will be planned at the personal meeting with the yoga therapist.

  • Personalised diet

    There is no common diet for our guests – The food is not only animal free, gluten free and sugar free, but also designed according to the guest’s prakruti (birth dominating element) or vikruti (out of balance).

  • Complimentary workshops

    Yoga /meditation workshops /cooking classes to enhance the participant’s physical and mental skills.

  • A holiday ambience

    Although Vaidya’s deep cleansing and rejuvenating treatment programs are highly therapeutical and done by experienced ayurveda physicians and expert therapists without compromising the authenticity of traditional ayurveda, because of our hospitality and a relaxing accommodation at Dolphin Beach, the guests feels a holiday ambience during their stay in a serene village.


You can choose an ayurveda retreat according to the length of your stay at Vaidya's Ayurveda Village.

2 weeks cleansing retreat

3 weeks deep cleansing retreat

4 weeks deep cleansing and rejuvenating retreat

6 weeks total treatment program – cleanse and rejuvenate

All packages include individually designed diet with cleansing/rejuvenating treatments and yoga program according to your specific body-mind constitution preceded by an ayurveda health checkup with the chief physician. After the health check-up the chief physician will design your treatment program according to the balanced-imbalanced state of the elements in your body and mind.

The retreats are ongoing all through the year. Write to us for available dates.

Health packages

The packages include the following:

  • Accommodation in a shared double room (with attached toilet and shower)
  • Full board ayurvedic vegetarian meals and beverages (5 times /day)
  • Daily ayurveda treatments and health check-ups with the chief physician (apart from arrival/departure days and Sundays)
  • Ayurveda herbs during the treatment period
  • Individual and group yoga therapy sessions
  • Complimentary activities (schedule varies every month)
  • Airport transfer (pick up and drop – Kochi International Airport, Kerala, India)
  • Wifi
Requests and bookings

To book your retreat, please write to: with the following (four) details:

  1. Number of weeks you plan to stay at the Village (choice of your retreat package)
  2. Choice of arrival dates/months
  3. Your preference of accommodation (single/double or shared)
  4. Total number of people (tip: more economical when two people share a room)

Do you need an ayurveda retreat but are facing financial difficulties? We are here to assist you. Right now we have a sponsorship program at Vaidya's Ayurveda Village. Write to retreat coordinator Chinju Rajendran for available dates:



The duration of the journey differs according to your flight schedule. If your departure is from Europe, apart from the transfer time, it will take approximately 10 hours in the air to reach Kochi International airport in Kerala, South India.

Airport transfer

Transfer from Kochi international airport, Kerala state, India is included in most packages. A team member will welcome you at the airport and drive you to Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village. The drive from Kochi airport to our village is approximately 60 minutes in normal road conditions.


Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village, Dolphin Beach, Alappuzha 688540, Kerala state, India

Website for more information incl. cancellation policy etc.

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