Yoga Therapy

What is yoga

As you might have noticed all types of food are not digested well in your stomach, just as some yoga asanas that you are practicing may not be good for your present body-mind condition. Some food make your stomach function perfectly, just as some asanas are the very best for your body and mind. With the base knowledge of Ayurveda you can find out what your current needs are and design your yoga practice according to your PDE (Presently Dominating Elements). 

But yoga is not only the practice of any physical postures. When you learn and practice yoga with the base of ayurveda your yoga becomes your therapy, which will naturally cleanse, cure and prevent your body and mind from the diseases. Through the right understanding of ayurveda you can find the connection of your body, mind and life energy, which helps you to diagnose and find the root cause of any problems that can affect your body-mind systems and cause uneasy functions (dis-ease) of organs at any age of your life.


Like any mechanism in the world our body and mind need maintenance. If you don’t ride your bicycle for a long time, if you don’t open your house for a few years, everything starts to get problems without the right care and attention. Yoga is one of the great tools of ayurveda to maintain your body and mind systems in a better state. But remember that yoga is not just asanas; it is a physical, mental and a spiritual journey.

The 5 parts of yoga therapy


Always make sure you start your yoga practise with the right Dharana (focus). The initial practice of your yoga program is to set your body and mind to be focused, to divert your focus from your external affairs in your daily life to the moment of practise.*


The primary focus of yoga is to channelise prana, the life energy, to all systems in the body with the support of solar plexus chakra. Solar plexus is the center of your inner galaxy, which controls all your body systems and mind functions. Through practicing Pranayama, the controlled nostril breathing, you can recharge your solar plexus and make a free flow of your prana to tone your body and mind systems.*


A vinyasa is a sequence of movements connected with the breath to create a free flow of life energy. After restoring the prana in your solar plexus region through the Pranayama exercises, practice Vinyasa to distribute your life energy to the body cells.*


Asana is the state of steady and firm but relaxed posture of the body. Through the disciplined practice of asanas with concentration (Dharana) and tuned breathing (Pranayama) you can achieve flexibility, balance and strength in body and mind. Asanas are chosen according to your present dominant elements, your balance or imbalance, health or disease.*


After the four above mentioned practices, the practitioner comes into a natural state of awareness of his body, mind, life energy and its connection between his inner and outer world. In this stage you will be aware of your physical and mental pain. Since you release the tensions in your muscles and joints through your asanas you will be more aware of your hidden feelings and emotions such as fear, anxiety, suppressed anger, and sadness, which are starting to release from the bottom of your base chakras. That is why Dhyana (reversed focus) is the final stage of your yoga therapy program. It helps you to detach from your worries and anxieties. Through drawing the focus from your present thoughts you will return to a permanent state of joy and peace. Dhyana practice helps the further restoration of the life energy in your solar plexus and its flow into the core of your body and mind even after your yoga practice.*

*Take Vaidya's health test to find which exercises are best for your PDE (Present Dominating Elements).

Three stages of practice

Cleansing stage

The very first stage is the cleansing stage where you prepare your body and mind for the therapy.

Healing stage

The second stage is the healing stage, which you need to do only if you have a disease/symptoms or a particular health condition.

Preventing stage

Supporting your body-mind systems to improve their functions and prevent the risks of future diseases by keeping a high immune power, maintaining proper blood circulation to the cells and supporting the flow of life energy through the channels of your subtle body.

This unique health test by Janesh Vaidya will help you to find your PDE (present dominating elements) in your body and mind systems. The test result will lead you to the answers for your queries regarding your physical and mental health issues.

Vaidya's health test

This unique health test by Janesh Vaidya will help you to find your PDE (present dominating elements) in your body and mind systems. The test result will lead you to the answers for your queries regarding your physical and mental health issues.

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