Mind Development

Mana-shastra (Mind science)

According to traditional ayurveda, like the body our mind also functions with the energies influenced by the five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. In Sanskrit these combinations are called Vata (either and air), Pitha (fire and water), Kapha (water and earth). These three energies are ruling our mind through the thoughts, feelings and emotions in our daily life. And if you know the anatomy of the mind you can control your stress, anxiety and depression and lead a peaceful and joyful life.

Mind anatomy

While the physical energies are obtained through the food and water we eat and drink, mental energies are received through the thoughts in the brain at each moment. For example, as the food is chewed inside the mouth and swallowed into the stomach, each thought is mentally chewed at least a fraction of a second inside the brain before reaching into the heart. Let's say that our brain and heart act like the mouth and stomach of the mind, which takes in and process the mental food that we call our thoughts.

Thoughts are sets of signals received through our senses into the brain in a raw form, which will initially process in the brain as what we call the act of thinking. The initial processing of thought or the act of thinking is equal to chewing the food inside the mouth before swallowing down to the stomach. Simply said, we collect our mental food with the help of our senses, which we consume in the brain as the form of thoughts, process it in the heart as feelings and store in the abdominal region as emotions.

The mind stores its energies in two levels. The primary storage is in the higher abdominal region, which is called the solar plexus region and is a temporary storage. After processing a thought into a feeling, it is sent down to the solar plexus chakra and stored there as a primary emotion. Later some of the primary emotions will proceed down to the lower abdominal region of the sacral chakra and stay there as deep emotions. The main difference between a primary emotion and a deep emotion is like two seeds, in which the first one is preserved as a seed inside a fruit while the second one falls on the earth and starts to grow as a plant.



Considering our emotions are the end part of this process, we should know that every thought coming into our brain is very important. The thoughts are the first factor deciding the ebb and flow of our mental energies. That is why the consumption of thoughts is the most important to maintain positive energies, which are the base of a healthy mind.

It seems to be difficult in the beginning but with continuous practice everything is possible. As described earlier the thoughts are the food of our mind, the consumption of the thoughts is purely a choice of our habits. For example, look at what you are eating every day. Think about the multiple choices you have when selecting your food. You can either buy the fast and processed food or you can go for the organic and healthy food. As we consume our food from a food shop nearby, we are also consuming our thoughts with our five senses from the present life situation we are moving through. Sometimes we also shop our thoughts from the past or the future using our sixth sense.

For example, suppose if you dislike someone you work with or live with. Whatever the matter of your dislike is, that becomes a poison seed in your brain. If you keep that poison thought for a while it goes down to your heart and fertilizes it as feeling, which we can call the feeling of anger. If you continue to keep that anger inside, it grows like a poison plant inside your heart and eventually a tree full of poison fruits.

Now we know how a simple thought of dislike enters into the brain as the poison seed and roots itself into the heart to grow as a feeling of an anger tree and develop fruits of hate on its branches, which eventually fall down on the abdominal ground. If that mind carries on with the same feelings for a long time, more and more poison fruits grow and fall on the emotional ground and also become poison plants and trees. Eventually that mind becomes a forest of poison trees where the darkness stays along even in the good times of your life.

If you wish to find and develop the hidden powers of your mind, here are some literature to read:

Ayurveda - traditionell kunskap för en modern livsstil (Swedish)

Die Mentale Kraft Des Ayurveda (German)

If you want to follow a 105 days course in mind-yoga chose Lev som du drömmer (Swedish)


Vijaar (Thoughts)

Your mind is the architect of your life and your thoughts are the food for your mind. According to traditional ayurveda your present thoughts, feelings and emotions are influenced by your PDE (Present Dominating Elements) in your mind. When you balance your PDE with the right dharana (focus) and dhyana (meditation) practices, you can help your brain and heart to generate peaceful thoughts and feelings and thus achieve grounding emotions and the state of mindfulness in your every action and speech in life.

To find out your mind development meditation, first find out your PDE through the given self-test below. Or if you already know your PDE choose your meditation program from the following:

This unique health test by Janesh Vaidya will help you to find your PDE (present dominating elements) in your body and mind systems. The test result will lead you to the answers for your queries regarding your physical and mental health issues.

Vaidya's health test

This unique health test by Janesh Vaidya will help you to find your PDE (present dominating elements) in your body and mind systems. The test result will lead you to the answers for your queries regarding your physical and mental health issues.



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