Ayurveda in Swedish


Ayurveda - traditionell kunskap för en modern livsstil
(The Power of Ayurveda)

Norstedts, Sweden, 2020

Janesh Vaidya's latest book will help you find your uniqueness and your inner powers. You will learn how to turn your weakness into your strength, your power into your success, and make your talents the stairs to your dreams. This book will guide you to reach your maximum health and happiness through the three commandments of Ayurveda - food, lifestyle and mind. It will help you to find if you have any imbalances (diseases or symptoms) and give you the tools to work towards balance and health. Its tests provides the possibility to find your imbalance - not only your birth dominant element.


Lev som du drömmer
(Live as you dream)

Norstedts, Sweden, 2018

In his new book, Janesh Vaidya devotes himself to the anatomy of the mind and shows how we can train our senses to develop our mind.

Live as you dream is a work book for daily exercises, structured so that you can interact with your brain and heart for a couple of minutes morning and evening - to get acquainted with your thoughts, feelings and emotions on a deeper level. Our feelings affect us in our daily lives: sadness turns into depression, irritation gives anger, fear leads to anxiety. The book helps you train the senses so that you bring in the best of the outside world, away from stress and worries.

It is a mental therapy that you perform at home. All to find your way back to your true self and live as you once dreamed.

The book is based on Janesh Vaidya's studies of Mana-shastra, the Ayurvedic knowledge of psychology. Through decades of studies in India and Europe, he has developed mind-yoga exercises that makes it easy to practice this ancient knowledge even in our modern world. Welcome to a 105 day long journey!


Maten från min by
(Food from my village)

Norstedts, Sweden, 2017

Take a trip to India for delicious taste experiences and better health. According to Ayurveda, Indian health science and philosophy of life, we should eat according to our present dominating element. Therefore, in this cookbook there are clear tables to help you find your element and any imbalances, and symbols that guide you to the optimal recipes for you. In addition, you get tips on how to customize the recipes for the whole family, even though the elements differ.

Janesh Vaidya offers more than 100 delicious and unique recipes from his hometown, adapted for European ingredients and cooking methods. Soups, salads, curry and rice dishes, burgers, snacks, breakfast, smoothies, juices and specialties from Kerala.

All recipes have been compiled to create better body balance. The dishes are free from gluten, lactose, refined sugar and animal products.


Yoga är min terapi
(Yoga is my therapy)

Norstedts, Sweden, 2014

The well-known ayurveda practitioner and writer Janesh Vaidya's new book is about Ayurvedic yoga, where the yoga programs are adapted to different types of bodies and disease. Yoga is my therapy teaches us to do authentic yoga based on our own body/mind type or imbalance, as traditionally practicing yoga in India. Based on Indian health system ayurveda, an attitude and a way of practicing yoga are presented, far from the usual western yoga classes in gyms and studios.

Within Ayurveda you talk about three elements, vata, pitta and kapha. In this book you will learn how to determine which element is your dominating, and to find an individual yoga program that suits you. Exercises are clearly presented in text and picture, so you can easily do them on your own. The book lists 53 different illnesses or imbalances in your health, and what yoga exercises can help you to relieve them.

Yoga is my therapy designed to fit yoga practitioners of all levels, both beginners and experienced. The book helps you understand your body and mind constitution on a deeper level and gives every practitioner the opportunity to find the right exercises and to practice yoga at home independently.


Maten är min medicin
(Food is my medicine)

Norstedts, Sweden, 2013

Food is my medicine is a vegetarian cookbook based on the Indian health science and philosophy of life ayurveda. The well-known ayurveda practitioner Janesh Vaidya presents in 80 beautiful and unique recipes both classical and new dishes.

Europe meets India in soups, salads, pies, curries, desserts, snacks, breakfasts, smoothies and spice . All recipes have been carefully merged with natural ingredients to achieve better body balance. Raw materials, ingredients and cooking methods are adapted to European conditions.

Ayurveda helps you to find the right food for your present dominant element. Many recipes have been supplemented with tips on what to avoid or replace if we have a certain element or imbalance. Three of the recipes in each chapter are also labeled with the elements, vata, pitha and kapha. Schedules and tables help us find which elements we are.

Over the past ten years, Janesh Vaidya has shown that choosing the right food and lifestyle can heal or reduce bodily problems such as joint pain, heartburn, sleep problems, asthma, migraine, high or low blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

If you follow the meal program contained in the book, the author means that we will feel healthier and stronger after 21 days!




"With your help and great books, every day is happiness."

— Annica Nygren
about Janesh Vaidya

"Woooooow. The family loves the recipes I have tried from your new cook book... the youngest in our family yelled out loud "best soup ever"about the beetroot soup... thank you so much for sharing!!!"

— Catrine Kostenius
about the book 'Food from my village'

"Thank you so much, for everything I learned and to you for being the wonderful person you are. I am indeed inspired and energized. I want to become more of me, more true and more kind to myself after meeting you."

— Erica Selander
about Janesh Vaidya

"Thank you so much for inspiring us swedes."

— Ida Karolin
about Janesh Vaidya

"Thank you so much for being the ambassador for this valuable knowledge! You are changing lives with your wonderful mission and soul."

— Bea Schwabli
about Janesh Vaidya

"I loved your lecture. Thank You for an Inspiring evening in Östersund yesterday where you really created Energy."

— Shalini Yamdagni Savander
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"Your book "Ayurveda för ditt sinne" was a real life changer for me. Forever grateful for it! Forever!"

— Richard Ericsson
about the book 'Ayurveda for your mind'

"You are a beautiful ray of light. Thanks for your words to the world."

— Cecilia Norberg
about Janesh Vaidya

"Two well invested hours. Thank you for a very inspiring and energizing lecture."

— Ulrika Larson
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"Greatest food book ever."

— Mona Malmros
about the cook book 'Food from my village'

"Wow! For today, for life and for Janesh and his amazing team who dedicate their lives to uplifting our consciousness."

— Alessandra Kylin
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"Janesh Vaidya explain the subject so clearly and simply, everybody can listen and learn. What a chance to meet the great author and practitioner in person."

— Yvonne J.P. Müller
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"Thank you so much. Thanks for a very inspiring and energizing lecture. WOW!"

— Maria Nilsson
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"Janesh Vaidya impressed us with his clear and warm kind of explaining and talking about healthy and happy life. He keeps it simple and easy to understand."

— Maria Miller
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"Still energized after your visit in Skövde. Have had lots of WOW-moments."

— Inger Lövenberg
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"Beautiful pictures in a wonderful book with so many delicious recipes."

— Aino Sundman
about the cook book 'Food from my village'

"A most interesting, inspiring and well presented evening."

— Deborah Smith
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"So much energy presented with warmth and humor. Thank you!"

— Anne Willander
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"The workshop of Janesh Vaidya about the knowledge of Ayurveda was very inspiring and eye-opening. Janesh uses such beautiful and vivid pictures to illustrate his wisdom. "

— Sabrina Gilberts
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"The workshop taught me how to live with passion, find what you are best at."

— Yvonne Lorentz
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"This workshop enhanced my health and in consequence also my life. It was like a wake-up call."

— Marion Merker
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"Janesh Vaidya's 2 ½ hour workshop, without slides or script, was a single stream of exciting and illuminating connections. With each of his words, he created images that make his message crystal clear to his listener."

— Sandra Rams
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

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