Janesh Vaidya Consultation

Every ayurveda consultation with Janesh Vaidya is specifically designed according to the client’s individual needs. 

During the 60 minutes online consultation, you get advice on how to improve your physical and mental health, according to your present health condition. You can also get guidance in one of the challenging areas in your life, such as how to improve your relationship, develop in your professional career, or how to eliminate stress, anxiety or depression. 

If you are interested in your personal development, these consultations will help you find your hidden talents & creativity, and how to make a vision & set goals in your life. 

During the one hour consultations Janesh Vaidya will give you natural tools for your day-to-day life to shift your habits into health and to create disciplines, and thus gain utmost focus and confidence in your mind for the rest of your life journey. 

In the health form you receive before the consultation, you can fill out your present health details and mention the areas on which you would like to put your main focus and make improvements in right now. During the consultation Janesh Vaidya will ask further questions and give you the recommendations on individual diet and lifestyle based on your areas of interest/specific issues.

For more information, or book a time for a consultation with Janesh Vaidya write to office coordinator Chinju Rajendran (office@janeshvaidya.com).