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Janesh Vaidya’s educational and life inspiring events are conducted on demand and presented as a lecture or a workshop on a specific topic. All lectures are 150 minutes and the workshops are 300 minutes long including a break. The subject of a lecture is framed to deliver instant and intense information to the listeners in an inspiring and entertaining manner. A lecture can be arranged for a small group of selected people as a private event or organised for a large audience as a public event. A workshop is designed for deeper understanding of the subject, which can only be conducted for a small group of students in a serene atmosphere as for example in a yoga studio or at a retreat centre. 

You can book Vaidya’s events either exclusively for your selected clients/students/guests/team/staff (as a private event) or organise an event in your town by marketing it among your network (as a public event) where the tickets to the event is open for the public. 

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Popular lecture topics:

  • Energize your life
  • Live as you dream
  • Power of Ayurveda 
  • Mind management
  • Food is Medicine
  • Vision in life
  • Art of love

Educational workshops:

  • Seven chakras 
  • Ayurveda & Yoga lifestyle
  • Mind yoga

*Janesh Vaidyas lectures and workshops are in English. Since the subjects are presented in a simple language with expressions and examples from daily life it is easy to understand even for the people who know very little English. 

Lectures with Janesh Vaidya


If you are not getting your daily coffee, can you still keep up your potential energy for the day?

One of Janesh Vaidya’s most popular lectures - Energize Your Life - unveils the key health exercises that has been practiced in the tradition of Vaidyas in India to maintain maximum energy in the body and mind during all ages and seasons. Even though many of us are trying to follow a lifestyle that can keep up our maximum health and enthusiasm in life, because of the lack of wisdom in how to boost our core energy our health is not improving after a certain point. 

According to the ancient health system in India, prana - the life energy residing in the subtle body - is the key energy source of life. In this lecture Janesh Vaidya will explain how to upgrade your mental, physical and sensuous health into the higher level with the help of three natural practices in your daily life: to Regenerate, Channelize and Restore - your life energy.

The lecture will not only shed a light on many of your unanswered questions but also provide you with vital tips and tools to handle your stress, anxiety and depression in a better way which helps you to maintain a joyful mind and energetic body in all kinds of situations in life. 

As usual, Janesh Vaidya elaborates his traditional health wisdom in front of the Western health seekers with his inspiring yet humble and humorous approach, which makes this important health knowledge reach in all levels of audience and helps them to understand and apply these three key practices in their daily life.

In 2017, Janesh Vaidya's lecture tour 'Energize your life' visited 35 cities and more than 4500 Swedes listened to the topic. 


We all have a dream, or at least we have a wish how we want to live our lives; but how many of us are following our dreams? 

Janesh Vaidya’s ‘Live as you dream’ lecture is a virtual journey, where as a listener you travel back to your home, your heart, where you find your true self and your deep wishes. Many of us have a dream about life since our early teenage but they have eventually faded away with time during the course of our mental and physical changes through the years. As a grown up, while we start to take responsibilities in our family we merely follow the rules of our society and forget the voices from our own heart, which often makes us feel bored and disappointed in our daily life. 

This mind boosting lecture gives the courage to the listener to overcome the deep fears that restricts one’s dreams. And when you return to your heart you find your feelings naked and pure, as you were once in your childhood. When you get back into your magic world, when you start to live for your dream, everything will return to your life - your ultimate joy and enthusiasm, your peace and health. There you will be confident and become fearless about life, and start to walk on the path of light and hope. There you will be able to forget about your sorrows and deep wounds, which will heal in the warmth of your own heart. There you won’t just leave your life anymore, instead you live your life as you dream.

‘Live as you dream’ is a wake up call from your deep sleep where you start to enter into your abandoned garden and plant new seeds of ideas and wishes. The topic is presented on the light of Janesh Vaidya's many years of experience of working with health and helping people find their way back to life's pure joy. In this uplifting lecture Janesh Vaidya shares his traditional knowledge in an inspiring and humorous way, allowing listeners of all levels to absorb this important message and give an understanding of how you can live your life as you dream. 

In 2018 the lecture tour 'Live as you dream’ visits 43 cities in Sweden.


Are you searching for the wisdom that can give you a deeper understanding about yourself and the people around you?

The Power of Ayurveda is a life changing lecture by Janesh Vaidya. Investing your time to listen to this ancient wisdom from India and the traditional health secrets that has been passed through the Vaidya families for several centuries from one generation to the other, will make you rich with the abundance of knowledge in a short time that you haven’t been able to find from many years of academic education.

With the profound experience as a speaker Janesh Vaidya leads the lecture through the principles of Ayurveda, one of the most ancient health sciences in the world, with an entertaining and humorous approach, which will make all kinds of audience enjoy and grasp the subject effortlessly. By gaining this ancient wisdom you will not only understand your core personality and the potentiality of your hidden powers that can be used for your development in your personal and professional life, but also understand other people and the behaviour that is a part of their core personality. 
In the lecture ‘Power of Ayurveda’, Janesh Vaidya gives you the right tools to work on your health on different levels. From the entertaining as well as informative lecture the listeners will also bring home Vaidya’s 21 days kick-start program that have made remarkable health improvements for many people in Europe during the last years.

In 2020 ’Power of Ayurveda’ lecture tour is organised in 50 cities in Sweden. 


The most important and useful knowledge in life is the knowledge of our health, which stays incomplete until we understand our mind on a deeper level.  

Our mind is the composer of our life. Whatever we feel inside, which may be happiness of sadness, stress or relaxation, anger or peacefulness is merely a state of our mind. It’s good to remember that many people around the world are physically fit but mentally disabled in their life and living like trapped animals inside their own mind barriers. Most of their problems are caused by their ignorance to handle their thoughts and feelings in their daily life. 

In this lecture the participant will get to know how a thought is generating in the brain, and the important role that each kind of thoughts play in the ups and downs of our life. By learning the inner cycle of our mind functions and its correlation to the outer world, one can learn how to change the inner wheel of thoughts, feelings and emotions and thus one’s speech, actions and reactions, which shapes one’s personality and the value in the society. 

The Mind Management lecture will help the participants to understand the anatomy of their mind and give the tools to work on their inner self to make them more flexible, balanced and strong in their mind to face different life situations. 

Janesh Vaidya’s Mind Management lectures are well received by the corporates in Europe since they found that this topic can help their employees to reduce the level of stress in their daily work and create a productive and successful, at the same time a relaxing, work environment in the office.


Do you know that the entrance and exit door of your health and disease is your mouth? 

‘Food is medicine’ is a thought evoking lecture elaborating the phycological and psychological affects of food on humans health. 

Considering what we put into our mouth as food and what we let out from our mouth as words decides our physical health as well as our value in the society we are living in. 

There are two kinds of food we take in - first, the food we chew inside our mouth and swallow down to our stomach to get our physical energy, and secondly the thoughts, the mental food, we consume through our senses and process in our brain and swallow down to our heart, to generate our mental energy. If we know how to control these two areas of consumption - our physical and mental food - we can lead a healthy life without getting much troubles in our life. 

It’s good to remember that the pharmacology starts from our kitchen. And when we make food with the six taste principles of Ayurveda according to our present health condition, we are becoming our own healer, and our food the nature’s medicine. 

Through this intellectually crafted lecture Janesh Vaidya explains how to choose clean food for your body and mind with the help of ayurveda. Understanding food is the ultimate medicine and lifestyle is the therapy, through designing the right food and lifestyle disciplines according to the PDE (presently domination elements) in your body-mind system, you can start practicing Ayurveda and improve your health at any age of your life. You will also get the advices on how to practice smart shopping, heartfelt cooking and conscious eating. 


Do you have a vision in your life? 

Our life on this planet is not an accident. Our days shouldn’t merely pass away as the repetitions of the previous days, as we wake up and sleep, and in between the dawn and the dusk moving on this earth with our unsettled thoughts, searching for the meaning of our life. 

Many people in the world are constantly searching  for the ways to escape from their present difficult situations. But most of them are not finding the ways, mainly because they don’t really know where to go from where they are standing right now. 

Even though we don’t see the possibilities in front, if we look around with the power of our third eye we can sense that we all have multiple choices in life. Instead of merely looking for the ways, if we make a vision in our life and set our life direction towards that vision we never feel lost or confused about our destiny at any time of our life journey. Because our vision stays above our path like a shining star shedding the light even in the dark times of our life. 

Through the spiritual awakening lecture ‘Vision in life’ Janesh Vaidya explains the difference between goals and vision in our life and how the life will open many joyful and peaceful ways in front of us when we find the real meaning of our journey on this planet. 


Suppose you had everything in your life but true love, how much would your life be worth?

In all times of the human history love has been one of the most natural at the same time most complicated terms in the world. Love connects and disconnects people and countries, love heals wounds and ruins kingdoms. Love makes many minds set to live or die. This has happened in the history and is still happening in this modern world because of the understanding or misunderstanding of this universal feeling. 

Love is a powerful feeling. Love connects us to the supreme power and is the magic key of success in various fields of life. In our relationship or business, love makes a remarkable impact and growth. Merely carrying the feeling of love brings light and hope in our mind just like the sunrise removes the darkness on earth. Love is the medicine that heals the wounds in our body and mind. And if we learn the art, love becomes a solution for our problems. The art of love is a mind yoga practice which helps us to understand this powerful tool and its application in our day to day life. 

We are all born on this planet earth to love and to share the love and return through the door of death with the experience of this wonderful feeling. Without knowing this truth we are constantly wandering, searching for something that doesn’t have any meaning at the end of our life. We can see that many well known people in the world have managed to find their success in most fields they engaged in, but struggle to find love in their life. This happens because of the lack of education we have in this subject from our school. What we actually learned about love is the lessons we captured through our experiences from our family and the society, which in most situations are not giving the right direction. 

In the heart warming lecture ‘Art of love’ Janesh Vaidya elaborates the layers of true love and how we can train our body and mind to practice this most powerful art in life. Janesh Vaidya also explains the ancient and modern views on love, and how one can practice tantra and achieve the ultimate joy and excitement in life. 



A human body is like a mysterious galaxy of which our knowledge is still very limited. Like the millions of invisible stars in the space, our body also have many subtle channels and hidden energies, which can’t be seen with our bare eyes. 

The chakra system is considered as the seven houses of energies in the body where the powers of a human resides from the birth until the samadhi (death). The one who understands these energies in the body and make use of these powers in daily life will become the super human of this world during his/her lifetime. 

While learning this subject if we carefully look into our modern and ancient medicinal system we can see that some of the health practices are quite similar in both times, but the East and West talks different languages about the same terminology. The seven chakra system is one example for this; while the West call it the endocrine system, where the set of glands produce the hormones supporting the body-mind functions, the East calls this as the system of chakras, where the set of energies controls the functions of a human body and mind. 

In the ‘Seven chakras’ workshop students will get to know about the influence of each chakra on a human body and mind, and how one can gain the powers of these chakras and make use of it in daily life to improve the four areas of health - mental, physical, sensuous and spiritual. 


There is an old saying that happiness is your birth right and health is your choice, which is literally true in the practice of Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda is a style, a healthy lifestyle that can help us to achieve our maximum happiness and health in our life. Every true practitioner of this ancient wisdom naturally goes through the practice of the basic disciplines, which is known as the three commandments of ayurveda: Aahar (food), Vihar (lifestyle) and Vijar (thoughts). 

Learning Ayurveda means understanding your life better and tuning your inner nature with the outer nature for a healthy and naturally growing life. The natural life of a human passes through the four seasons of life, such as, childhood (up to the age of 30), youth (between 30 to 60 years), mid-age (between 60 to 90 years) and old age (over 90 years). And the natural lifespan of a human is considered as 120 years if living healthy. 

In the ‘Ayurveda lifestyle’ workshop students will learn the basic diagnosing techniques where the practitioner can find out the balanced/imbalanced state of health through looking into the nails, tongue, eyes, skin etc. Students will also learn how to find the imbalance of elements in the body through the signals/symptoms or diseases in the body-mind system. 


Our mind is the architect of our life. 

An underdeveloped mind acts like a wild horse that won’t listen to where one wants to go, instead it will bring you into the dark woods making the mind anxious and stressed. 

Our life is like an ocean where the situations come and go like the waves on the shore. When you practice mind yoga, like the surfer waiting in the ocean for the high waves, you will also face the waves of difficult situations with enthusiasm and use that threatening force to glide on your surf board towards the shore. It’s good to remember that no one becomes a surfer in one day; it takes many days or even months of practice to become a good surfer. But every surfer has started the practice once and struggled several times to get her board on a high wave.

The ‘Mind yoga’ workshop is a set of exercises for the students who wish to improve the flexibility, balance and strength of their mind to face all kinds of situations in life. The written and verbal exercises given in the class can be used in the day-to-day life situations to improve the student’s confidence and skills in different fields. 


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Comments from the audience

"I loved your lecture. Thank You for an Inspiring evening in Östersund yesterday where you really created Energy."

— Shalini Yamdagni Savander
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"Still energized after your visit in Skövde. Have had lots of WOW-moments."

— Inger Lövenberg
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"Two well invested hours. Thank you for a very inspiring and energizing lecture."

— Ulrika Larson
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"Janesh Vaidya impressed us with his clear and warm kind of explaining and talking about healthy and happy life. He keeps it simple and easy to understand."

— Maria Miller
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"Thank you so much for inspiring us Swedes."

— Ida Karolin
about Janesh Vaidya

"The workshop taught me how to live with passion, find what you are best at."

— Yvonne Lorentz
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"Janesh Vaidya explain the subject so clearly and simply, everybody can listen and learn. What a chance to meet the great author and practitioner in person."

— Yvonne J.P. Müller
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"A most interesting, inspiring and well presented evening."

— Deborah Smith
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"So much energy presented with warmth and humor. Thank you!"

— Anne Willander
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"The workshop of Janesh Vaidya about the knowledge of Ayurveda was very inspiring and eye-opening. Janesh uses such beautiful and vivid pictures to illustrate his wisdom. "

— Sabrina Gilberts
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"This workshop enhanced my health and in consequence also my life. It was like a wake-up call."

— Marion Merker
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

"Thanks for a very inspiring and energizing lecture. WOW!"

— Maria Nilsson
about the lecture 'Energize your life'

"Janesh Vaidya's 2 ½ hour workshop, without slides or script, was a single stream of exciting and illuminating connections. With each of his words, he created images that make his message crystal clear to his listener."

— Sandra Rams
about the workshop 'The mental power of Ayurveda'

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