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The status of your health is very much depending on your lifestyle and your lifestyle is formed by your habits and daily routines. Some people are over enthusiastic about keeping their body fit by hard workouts and strict diets. But most of them are forgetting the fact that not all the exercises and food items are suitable for all body types.

If your health profile is all about the tightness of skin and the measurements of muscles, it gives nothing but stiffness and stress in the body and mind in the long run.

According to ayurveda a healthy lifestyle is not just doing some general exercises or following a trendy diet; instead it is the practice of your natural health by understanding your PDE (Presently Dominant Elements)in your body-mind systems and following a unique tailor-made program to keep the right balance of your dominating forces (kapha, pitta and vata) in different seasons and ages in your life.

When you start to follow your daily routines according to your PDE, you can see a steady progress in your inner and outer health.

Three levels of practice

Everything we do without the proper research is merely an exercise. When we design a lifestyle with the awareness of our body and mind type it becomes a therapy.


When we look at the world we can see that most things are done just to fulfill a momentary purpose. For instance, if you are hungry and just want to fill your stomach with some food, you just think about the food, not about the quality of the food; here eating is merely an exercise to maintain the life, not the health.


But if you are more conscious about your health, you will try to find a food that can balance your elements; here you can say that you are eating as a therapy to maintain your health, not just to fill your stomach.

Inner development

Through the practice of your ayurveda lifestyle, you eventually reach to a point where you upgrade your life into the third level, where you won’t just buy food; instead you buy the essence of it. For instance, you start to think about the energy of the food you are going to select only  the food that preserves clean energy during the whole process of its cultivation until it reaches in your plate.

Whether it is a workout for the body or following a food structure, adapt the recommendations of ayurveda in your life by proper understanding of your health. And follow the recommendations according to your PDE (Presently Dominating Elements), which you can find out with the help of the self-test in this website.

The three major fields of life

It is interesting that if you learn the basics of ayurveda you can use it anywhere in your life, whether it is to choose your right partner or select a better profession, you will be able to find the best out of your choices through this life wisdom.

Think about the time you spend on the three major fields of life; your sleep, your personal life, and your professional life.

For the easiness of the subject, if you divide your lifetime into these three fields, you can see how much time you are spending in each field.

When you look through the window of ayurveda you will get a clear picture about how much time you actually need to spend in each field to attain the best out of this life.

First of all we can calculate a person’s daily lifestyle with the help of time. For that we can divide the total hours into three, which is 24/3 = 8 hours. That means that in general a person needs 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours for his private life and 8 hours for his professional career development. But when you make your personal lifestyle program you can see some differences in these hours according to your present health condition.

8 hours sleep

Whatever therapy you do, whichever way you try to relax, you can’t replace your deep sleep with anything else. I say, your sleep is the best therapy your body and mind can get to achieve a complete rest and relaxation.

We can say that we spend one third of our whole life sleeping. According to the birth dominating elements and age dominant forces a person’s sleep varies so even though eight hours is considered as the appropriate time for sleeping, the duration and the depth of sleep varies from person to person according to his/her PDE (present dominating elements).

If you want to make your sleep as your therapy try to sleep in savasana (kapha balancing) or sayana balasana (vata and pitha balancing) to improve your posture and breathing during your sleep. For further explanation about the poses see:

Yoga är min terapi - Swedish

Die Mentale Kraft des Ayurveda - German

Minimum 8 hours for personal life

When you are away from your own feelings, or not getting enough time to share it with your people, you are actually taking a leave from your life by escaping to the tunnel of your job where you only see the success by the end result, not by being or living in the fruitful moments.

Whatever you do as your profession, leave the work outside your head when you leave your office and spend your valuable time with your beloveds, your family, your friends and more than that with your inner self, your soul. Through the sharing of your inner self, you grow with your age instead of ageing with your growth.

By understanding the basic principles of ayurveda and realizing your PDE you can redesign your lifestyle by adopting the right food structure, following your sleep routines and spending more time for your personal life routines such as: being more in the nature to reflect about your inner sides, building bridges of communication with your beloveds to create a good flow of love, and practicing yoga and meditation according to your particular body-mind type. And overall make a promise to yourself that you will live until you die.

Maximum 8 hours for profesional life

Are you satisfied in your present job? If your answer is yes, you are on the right track, because satisfaction is the key to your happiness. If you love what you do, that means you enjoy it and your working time flies like a bird instead of passing like a snail. You will be happy and cheerful and that gives light to your work and life to the people you connect with. But suppose that you are not completely satisfied with your present job, then everything will be just opposite; instead of love you feel anger and irritation to yourself and others in your office and this creates disappointment and sadness in your life. Overall it leads to darkness and death instead of light in your life. Now the question is; how can we overcome this situation?


Ayurveda - traditionell kunskap för en modern livsstil - Swedish

Die Mentale Kraft des Ayurveda - German

This unique health test by Janesh Vaidya will help you to find your PDE (present dominating elements) in your body and mind systems. The test result will lead you to the answers for your queries regarding your physical and mental health issues.

Vaidya's health test

This unique health test by Janesh Vaidya will help you to find your PDE (present dominating elements) in your body and mind systems. The test result will lead you to the answers for your queries regarding your physical and mental health issues.

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