Guidelines - Kapha

General Kapha balancing program

You are here to know how to balance the kapha (water/earth) in your body-mind system.

Follow the recommendations in this page if your prakruti (birth dominant) is kapha, or if you have a vikruti (imbalance) in kapha.

If you don’t know your prakruti or vikruti, you can find out by the PDE (present dominating elements) self-test at the bottom of this page.

  • Wake up early
  • Be active on a daily basis
  • Seek new experiences
  • Vary your routines
  • Avoid sleeping during the day
  • Perform daily dry massage
  • Try not to accumulate things
  • Choose food that is light, warm and dry
  • Avoid food and drinks that are sweet, sour and salty in its basic taste
  • Avoid oily and fried food
Avoid chilled drinks and ice creams
  • Avoid watery fruits
  • Eat plenty of leafy greens
Use recommended spices when cooking
  • Make sure not to overeat
  • Avoid eating when mind is sentimental and depressed
  • Feel lighter and stronger by eating less and healthy
  • Don’t eat too late or too early in the day

Get started

Here you find a short general program to balance kapha. For instructions of how to perform the asanas, longer programs and therapeutic yoga for 50 different symptoms/diseases refer 'Yoga is my therapy'/'Yoga är min terapi'.

To think about when practicing yoga for kapha

  • Practice with determination
Imagine a light feeling in the body
  • Focus on upward movement
  • Keep your mind focused
Be enthusiastic
  • Explore your limits
  • Keep your discipline

Dharana is the initial state of meditation, used in the beginning of your yoga program to draw maximum concentration in to your practice.

Dhyana is practiced in the end of your yoga program. Dhyana means a state of meditative mind and while Dharana draws your focus into a single thought, Dhyana dissolute every single thought by the feeling of being in the moment. Staying in one feeling without any thoughts can be a challenge for the beginners but through the continuous practice your mind will gradually reach there.

Dharana and dhyana can be practised outside your yoga practise. In that case chose a position where you can be relaxed but awake in mind and body for example Diamond pose or any of it variations.

This unique health test by Janesh Vaidya will help you to find your PDE (present dominating elements) in your body and mind systems. The test result will lead you to the answers for your queries regarding your physical and mental health issues.

Are you interested in a complete health experience?

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