Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training

What is AYTT?
What you will learn
  • How to design the right yoga therapy program depending on a person’s current health condition - symptoms/imbalances.

  • Become familiar with the traditional ayurvedic approach to yoga therapy.

  • Understanding the alignment of postures and the techniques of breathing.

  • Basic anatomy of body and mind.

  • The mental aspect of our energy centers from an ayurvedic perspective.

  • Self development by mind yoga lectures and exercises.

  • Develop your teaching skills for one-to-one sessions.

  • Daily meditations, which gives you mental calmness and clarity and a chance to observe your inner qualities.

  • Study the subject from the experienced scholars in the field brings your confidence high to become an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist.

About yoga therapy and the training

Originally, there are 84 asanas in yoga and their variations, which are commonly practiced as different styles around the world. However, ayurveda - one of the most ancient health wisdoms on this planet, teaches us the universal truth that we all are different even from the time of our birth, and thus following a general program for everyone is not appropriate. According to ayurveda we all need to choose individuality designed programs to practice in our daily life to achieve our maximum health and wellbeing. 

Whether it’s about your diet or exercise or any other disciplines you practice in your daily life you need to select them according to your body-mind constitution or adapt them according to your present health condition or imbalances/symptoms. This is the reason Ayurveda emphasizes choosing the right yoga asanas for your daily practice according to your present health status. Hence the practice of yoga without knowledge of ayurveda is incomplete. But when you start to practice yoga with the light of Ayurveda your knowledge becomes your wisdom, your experience your Guru and your practice your therapy.

Yoga Therapy is a holistic and therapeutic approach to the science of yoga where you use the tools of yoga as a way to bring yourself into the balanced according to the philosophy of ayurveda. In Ayurveda Yoga Therapy we focus on each person’s individual needs and provide a program to help any physical or mental symptoms. That means, Ayurveda Yoga Therapy is always done one to one, the therapist to the client.

Through the AYTT (Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training) you will learn how to guide your client with the right yoga program for his/her specific imbalance and symptom or disease. 

Through AYTT you will understand the different techniques and adjustments of the therapeutic asanas in yoga. Moreover you will experience the different yoga programs by yourself and feel how some programs are actually not suiting your constellation or imbalance. During the course we will share these experiences within the group so that we can reach a wider awareness of how our clients might feel if they are practicing the wrong kind of program. This is also a way to understand why we from the Ayrvedic view point mean that you should practice yoga with an individual program rather than a general yoga class.

To personalise your time at this course even more, at the start of the second week, you will meet the ayurveda physician at our centre for a private consultation which will help you to know about your PDE (presently dominating elements) in your body-mind systems. And onwards, according to the diagnose results from the physician you will be able to practice your own yoga programs which including your self practice in the morning as well as following an individual diet from our Ayurveda kitchen. 

Based on the wisdom and your own experiences during the first two weeks of the AYTT, the third week you will start to teach each other to be prepared to take on clients after the course.

For further information about the AYTT and application, write to the course administrator at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Academy at Healing River, Alleppy district, Kerala State, India. 


Who can apply?


Can I apply to AYTT if I am a beginner to yoga?

In this intensive Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training we teach everything from the basics of yoga to the therapeutic programs. So you don’t need to have previous experience in the field of yoga or ayurveda to apply for the AYTT, but have a passion to make a change in the world by finding your inner therapist as well as helping the people around you to find their utmost health with the tools of these ancient health sciences.

Yoga Practitioners

Can I use the AYTT to take my yoga practice to the next level?

If you are a yoga practitioner, it is very important to know the ‘right’ yoga program that will help you to achieve your maximum FBS (Flexibility, Balance and Strength). Though most yoga asanas you are presently practicing on your mat are believed to be good, AYTT will open your eyes to find that some of the asanas are better and a few among them are even the best for your body-mind constitution. When you gain the knowledge of the asanas’ therapeutic effects in your body and mind system, you will be able to make your own program at any age and health condition.

If you feel that this is the right time to take your practice into the next level and start to inspire others to use yoga as a tool to find a healthier and more joyful life, AYTT will give you the knowledge you need to start working as a therapist and share the experience of a yogic lifestyle.

Yoga teachers

Can AYTT upgrade my knowledge from a yoga teacher to a yoga therapist?

If you are already a yoga teacher and are looking for an opportunity to upgrade your present knowledge in yoga into therapeutic practice of yoga, AYTT is the right course for you. Since there are hundreds of yoga teachers passing out every year and start to work in your city it is important to keep your reputation in the field of yoga by earning the unique knowledge in Ayurveda Yoga Therapy.

With the help of this intensive course you will be able to make individual yoga programs for your each client according to their specific body-mind constitution and health condition. This certification course will be a compliment to your present wisdom in yoga, which will help you broaden your profession as a yoga therapist in your area and promote you to work as a personal trainer in the field of yoga.

Do you have further questions? Don't hesitate to contact course administrator on: coordinator@janeshvaidya.com.

Learning process
  • Practical workshops
  • Theoretical classes and lectures
  • Individual yoga practice
  • Deepening practice like meditation and yoga nidra
  • Journaling 
  • Group and individual exercises
  • Examination (practical and written)
  • Evaluation and development feedback from teachers
  • Knowledge of your own health status including an ayurveda health diagnose by an ayurveda physician
Week by week

Week 1

Laying the foundation with knowledge about Ayurveda Yoga Therapy for each of the forces.

Understanding the therapeutic approach to practicing yoga.

Basic Ayurveda knowledge and lectures on the power of Ayurveda.

Learning, practicing and teaching each other both therapeutic series and balancing series according to PDE.

Scheduled time for self practice every morning to establish a strong base and get a chance to experience the various benefits of the programs on your own body and mind.

Week 2

Health checkup with ayurveda physician.

Self practice and meals according to each students PDE based on the diagnose results from the ayurveda physician.

Getting acquainted with the different pedagogic aspects of being a yoga therapist.

The language of yoga therapy.

Modification of poses and the art of adjustment.

Week 3

Deepening of teaching skills.

Practical and written exams.

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Janesh Vaidya - click to read more

There will be only one AYTT in a year and the spaces are limited for this unique course. Apply now to reserve your place for this year's training.

To receive your application form, write to the course coordinator: coordinator@janeshvaidya.com

Course details

Name of the course

AYTT (Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training)


Three weeks (21 days)

Next availability

August 2022

Course vision

The 21 days AYTT is a base level training for the ones who wish to become an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist and start to work exclusively in the field of yoga.

Through this intensive course the participants will be able to meet clients for one-to-one sessions and design individual yoga programs according to the body-mind constitution or imbalances /symptoms. 

Course fee

€2820 including course material, certification and ayurveda health diagnosis with the physician.


Healing River Retreat, Alleppy District, Kerala, India


Course administrator: coordinator@janeshvaidya.com

Practical details

Accommodation and food

If you choose the accommodation and food package within the campus:

  • According to the choice of your accommodation (single/shared room or cottage or hut) prices vary from - €945 to €2100 for three weeks
  • Full board plant based meals and beverages (5 times daily)- €330 for three weeks


Closest airport is Kochi International Airport. Though the duration of the journey differs according to your flight schedule if your departure is from Europe with one stop in between, apart from the transfer time it will take approximately 10 to 11 hours in the air to reach Kochi International airport in Kerala, South India.

Airport transfer

You can either arrange the pre-paid taxi at Kochi international airport counter on your arrival or our transfer from airport to the campus at Healing River while booking your course. The drive from Kochi airport to our village is approximately 60 minutes in normal road conditions.

Cancellation policy

If a person can’t come on the booked date with a specific reason like severe illness, on submission of the relevant certificates from the hospital, we will arrange another date according to the availability. In case of severe accidents or other emergency situations where the booked participant cannot travel for more than a year we will allow the person to transfer his/her place to another person (additional fees can be added to match current price). Disputes, if any, will be settled within the jurisdiction of Kochi.

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