The yogadoctor interview

Listen to one of the most personal interviews with Janesh Vaidya where he explains his ways of handling a busy schedule without getting affected by day to day stress.

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Prana Podcast

Ayurveda Podcast Interview with Prana up your Life, Germany Click here to listen to the interview Was wir an Ayurveda so lieben? Die Ganzheitlichkeit, die dahinter steckt. Ayurveda wirkt auf körperlicher Ebene und kann dir helfen, deine Verdauungsprobleme in Griff zu bekommen, aber auch um emotionale Stabilität in dein Leben zu integrieren. Vor allem aber…

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Ayurveda Podcast

Ayurveda podcast interview with Janesh Vaidya. From The Meditation Conversation Podcast: It was a huge joy to meet Janesh Vaidya, ayurvedic practitioner who comes from a traditional, centuries-old lineage of an ayurveda family. He brings this ancient knowledge to the West to inspire and help people regain health and happiness in their lives. Janesh is…

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