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Water therapy benefits


By Janesh Vaidya Water therapy is one of the most ancient ayurveda disciplines of the vaidyas, the traditional ayurveda practitioners of India. It is simple to start and easy to follow, and it is one of the best practices for restarting your health. During the night’s sleep your body gets time to generate and replace…

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Photo album tour 2018

Photos and quotes from Janesh Vaidya’s lecture tour 2018 in 43 Swedish cities from Åre in the north to Ystad in the south.  (Plus a summary if you missed the lecture or want to refresh your memory.) As always in his lectures Janesh Vaidya shared much of his grandmother’s wisdom, based on one of the…

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Ayurveda & ageing

By Janesh Vaidya I receive many questions from people worrying about aging and I would like to share some thoughts with you regarding this matter.

 In our modern world we are mainly focusing on our physical appearance rather than our mind development. This creates imbalances while we move between momentarily happiness and frustration in our life. In this article…

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