Water therapy benefits

By Janesh Vaidya
Water therapy is one of the most ancient ayurveda disciplines of the vaidyas, the traditional ayurveda practitioners of India. It is simple to start and easy to follow, and it is one of the best practices for restarting your health.

During the night’s sleep your body gets time to generate and replace the old cells with the new cells. In this process the body releases ama (toxins) which needs to be eliminated, otherwise it will accumulate in the body channels and cause blockages and diseases in the later stage. To help the natural elimination of toxins from the body traditional ayurveda suggests water therapy in the morning which gives a clean start of the day by flushing out the toxins from your systems in a natural way.

Seven key benefits of practicing water therapy in the morning:

1. Purifies the colon
2. Improves metabolism
3. Relieves stress
4. Helps reduce overweight
5. Prevents bladder infections
6. Makes your skin shine
7. Balances the lymph system

The practice

For instructions on how to practice:

Additional practice

If you practice yoga for your PDE the elimination of toxins will be faster. Find your personal yoga program in the book ‘Yoga is my therapy’ or short programs for kapha, pitta and vata here.

Parallel to the water therapy, if you follow an ayurvedic meal program for you PDE (Present Dominating Element) you can see miracles in your own body in the coming days and months. Find your PDE through the health test here.

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