Yoga Therapy Training

One course can change your life

I am so happy to announce the launch of the AYTT (Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training) in India, which has been a long time dream for our team. As the saying; it’s worth to wait for something good, and when it comes to the Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training, it becomes true with all the experienced teachers we have combined for this education program. This 21 days intensive course can not only change your life, but also many lives around you.

Find your inner therapist

When we announced the launch of the AYTT (Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training) in India we received many mails asking about the eligibility to apply for this three weeks intensive course. The answer: You don’t need to have previous experience in the field of yoga or ayurveda to apply for the AYTT, but have a passion to make a change in the world by finding your inner therapist as well as helping the people around you to find their utmost health with the tools of these ancient health sciences. 

Double your knowledge by sharing your wisdom

Many of you might have thought about how a 21 days intensive course like AYTT (Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training) can change your life and upgrade your knowledge to a therapist. As the faculties in the team we were thinking about this for a while considering the fact that the true knowledge only comes from the experience. Since every one has different life experience from their past what we need to bring out from each participant of AYTT is to convert those experiences into life wisdom and support the students to find out their hidden talents during these three weeks with the right training, which includes:

  • Practical workshops
  • Theoretical classes and lectures
  • Deepening practice 
  • Journaling 
  • Group and individual exercises 
  • Examination 
  • Evaluation and development feedback from teachers

Flexibility, Balance and Strength  

The AYTT (Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training) is not only giving the practical knowledge of the asanas, but also making the student understand how the posture can increase the FBS (Flexibility, Balance and Strength) of a human body, which are the key qualities required for the body to function in its full potential in all ages and seasons of life. During the 21 days intensive course the students will understand more about the potential powers of their own body by learning the alignments and adjustments in each posture. The participants will also get a unique opportunity to work on the flexibility, balance and strength of their mind through manashastra (mind yoga).

Discover a new world within

Meditation is a natural part of the AYTT (Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training). Being able to experience the inner silence, your true nature beyond the scattered mind is truly beautiful. The subject, the wisdom of meditation or dhyana will be taught by our teachers both so the students will be able to design programs for clients, but also for a chance to personally experience what meditation is. To understand meditation and to gain the powerful effects we have made sure it is a part of the daily program as a practice for the participants of this training. This will also help the students keep up their mental energy during the intensive three weeks training.

Study break in Kerala, India

When you study a subject with a relaxed mind, your brain will digest it with ease and store it in your memory without struggle. This is one of the learning techniques we use in the daily schedule of AYTT (Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Training). While having long hours of studies with the theraputical part of yoga and ayurveda, the students get time to relax in the ambience of the Arabian Ocean.

To be in this location, eat fresh healthy plant based indian food, gain new knowledge that can help others to a healthier life, to be with others all day long that share the same interest as you, to take breaks on the beach and to learn more about yourself by finding your inner therapist and by having a daily practice of meditation. To do the AYTT in India with us is not only a way to learn this ancient teachings but also an experience on your life journey.

Why not now?

As a final word; don’t hesitate. If you feel this is something for you, apply. And remember – you don’t have to have previous knowledge in yoga or ayurveda to participate in this course. For more information visit or contact or administrator Chinju Rajendran on

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