Sorry goutweed


Sorry goutweed, for the way you are treated in Europe!

During my visits to Europe, and Scandinavia especially, I have noticed that many people are suffering with inflammatory related issues like arthritis, which causes swelling, pain and stiffness in the joints and get worse with the ageing, especially in cold climates.

Since medieval times arthritis has been treated with natural plants, and among them one of the most effective was goutweed. Monks brought the knowledge of the medicinal properties to treat the inflammation (gout) in the joints. However, nowadays if you search for information about goutweed in the internet you mainly find information about how you can get rid of this weed from your garden. It is sad how one of the most useful plants from the past is treated in this modern world because of the ignorance of its medicinal values. It is time we reconnect with this plant and start to use it in our daily life when we need it. 

When we have medicinal plants available in the nature in our reach why do we need to pay for ayurveda herbs like gugul which is imported from India? (I know this information makes the ayurveda business lobby unhappy, but my mission is to make maximum people in the world get the benefit of this ancient wisdom as free as possible.)

You can find goutweed in the nature during the end of spring/ beginning of summer. If you feel any stiffness in the joints use 5 to 7 leaves in your daily diet. Remember to pick the light green leaves in the early stage otherwise in the late summer, under the sunlight it grows into dark green, and becomes pungent in taste and have a more laxative effect. Pick early and save in the freezer for the whole year. Use it in your food as a salad or make tea with it, which will help you to save your joints from stiffness and inflammation. 

I can recommend adding the goutweed to the Coriander chutney in my cookbook “Food from my village” (Maten från min by). It also matches well with the Baked Potato Salad from the same cookbook.

/Janesh Vaidya

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